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Personnel Concepts, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City Ontario
Address 3200 E. Guasti Rd. Suite 300
Phone 1-855-625-6688

Personnel Concepts, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 8, 2019

I received several notifications from personal concepts stating that im not in compliance with federal & state laws and that I could be fined thousands of dollars if I didnt have the posters they offered, because they seemed like a government agency I purchased several by sending my payment first then they shipped my posters.

Now i received a letter from collections stating that I owe them $508.00, im assuming its for some posters I received shortly after I quit buying fromthem when I discovered they had done this to several customers, I assumed the posters were part of previouse orders that I had purchased.

  • Feb 19, 2019

Avoid Like the Plague!

I agree with the other reviews, start out as a $10 payment, then they phone you, pressure you to order an extra $250 poster within 30 days. Just a scam to get more money. Stay away from Personnel Concepts!

  • Oct 9, 2018

Personnel Concepts; have overcharged my business for over two years now. They send posters at rediculuos rates. They harrass you constantly about up dates all through the year. The last straw; I recieved a call from one of their reps. The rep was requesting to send me a new federal upadate conccerning fraud to protect my employees and customers. When I explained to the rep I would research the update in quesation, he said it was a waste of time for me to research the new law because it was mandatory that we purchase this new updated material.

I finally researched personnell concepts. They have numerous complaints concerning their practices. As I read the comlaints from other businesses, I could relate to most of the complaints because I shared the same expeiences. Personnell Concepts is a total rip off.

  • Jun 19, 2018

I answered a mail advertisement for an all inclusive Ohiio labor law poster. Cheap and would save me time keeping up on them. When they received the check they solicited me by phone and told me that what I purchased would not suffice and told me I needed this package deal. Costing another $253.00. I stated I could get all of that online with a little leg work for free. They stated "No you can't." I purchased the package. Once I received it I looked at all of their posters. More than half did not apply to me, all of them could be found online and printed for free. Then I Googled their reviews. Dummy me should have done that before I sent the first check. Paid the bill to them directly with a letter stating for them to never contact me or they would be turned in for harrassment.

Well they contacted me today. I refused to talk with them and the lady got "snooty" with my receptionist. Maybe they will call back maybe they won't. Believeme if they call back I will get on the phone this time and they will not have an opportunity to speak.

Please remember to Google reviews before purchasing anything. I did not take the time and kicking myself for it now.

  • Apr 26, 2018


Literally the biggest scam I have seen in HR. I can not even believe these people are in business. I called to figure out what the heck was going on because we purchased CA Labor Law posters for $5.95. We recieved and invoice for $270.51 the "remaining balance".

I called and spoke to Loretta saying that we are not going to pay that, and she said we could return them. I asked her to send me a shipping label, as I should not be responsible for return shipping on a FALSELY ADVERTISED PRODUCT, and she said that if I chose to not pay and file a complaint, that not only do I have to pay for my shipping, but return shipping, ummmm what? Do you even realize how that makes no sense?!?!?

Clearly this is a scam of despicable sales people looking to screw over small businesses by saying we have to comply or be charged. THIS IS A LIE. LABOR LAW POSTERS CAN BE FOUND FREE!

I am beyond furious, and I am literally going to commit my entire day to writing reviews on my HORRENDOUS and ILLEGAL experience.

Hope this company goes out of business soon and I hope more people read reviews before falling into this scam. Shame on you Personnel Concepts for taking advantage of people.

Posting on BBB, if you have been scammed as well I encourage you to go and submit a complaint to BBB as well so we can prevent future business owners from this egregious company.

  • Feb 6, 2018

The company initially offered to send a low priced work place poster for my new business. In their company paperwork, they alleged my company would be fined by the government for not posting this poster After they took order, they proceeded to call, bully and harrass me. I was told by my lawyer, this company is a scam and only they can protect your company from being sued and fined by the goverment. All of the sudden, I ended up with posters I didn't agree to in my post office box and a $150 bill. I contacted them through the CA BBB, but they are unrelenting. I sent a letter of cease and desist and they continue to send letters. I take this as a personal affront to my sanity and company.

  • Jun 19, 2017

Not true, I have no debt with this company or need for what they are selling.*

  • Jun 5, 2017

Fun To Learn, tutoring services, is once the business I owned, but now I am Out of Business since March 2017. Recently I received an important notice from Personnel Concepts, requesting money for a Labor Law Poster. I sent a check to Personnel Concepts in January 2017 since I had the tutoring service then for the amount of $20.90 However, recently I received another bill dated May 25, 2017 for the amount of $19.00 It isa scam, since the NYS Labor Department will supply the labor law posters for free. I intend to call them to remove myself from the mailing list.

  • Apr 7, 2017

Received a call for these crooks telling me I had to update my work posters, state and federal. New minimum wage, OSHA,

etc....Sales rep tells me my new poster will be approximately 2 ft X 3 ft, had asked for size since it would be displayed on the wall with limited space. Assured me it would be smaller than what I currently have. The slimy worm didn't lie, the poster I received was actually 3 1/2 in X 8 in. Big whopping difference. The poster is actually a Certificate of Good Faith Safety Compliance. What the seaweed is that going to do me? I can tell OSHA I'm in compliance, as if. The company is amoral. Why are they even operating, still? Trying to get my money back has been a nightmare. Rude and totally sarcastic people who I have dealt with. Their training classes must really do well if the sales reps are anything to go by.

This company needs to be shut down. they are running the ultimate scam. Using government and state laws to their

profiting from the false representation they give.

  • Jan 31, 2017

Received a letter offering posters to be compliant with Federal regulations, for $10.90. Sent them a check for poster, adn they called and said they would suggest a couple more items - never told me the additional cost, implied a couple extra dollars. Posters came with a bill for an additional $241.99. I refused and called them, they said I could send posters back - at my expense - cost close to $20 to send back. I got screwed.

  • Dec 3, 2016

Same report as most. Unsolicited official looking (government) document telling me I have to renew my Labor Law posters so that I won't be fined. I remove my personal information from the form, write a nasty note on it, and mail it back. They will be billed mailing fees and have to deal with the wasted paper.

  • Jul 26, 2016

Received a notice of renewal offer for our office's Federal and State Law & labor posters for 2016. (addressed to our front desk ckerk with the right nameon it). Sent the check for the $15.90 and a few days later they called to say that it costs $250.

Feeling suspicious I put the on hold and went online where sure enough there is a Scam Alert about Personnel concepts. Today I got another posting in my account for $32.95... Had to call the bank to put a hold and freeze anythong from this company!

  • Apr 18, 2016

The first year I opened my business I recevied an innocent enough and yet offiicial looking noticiation that I needed a poster keeping up with government regulations notifying my employees of HIPPA notices. Fine I ordered it for like $20. The next year I recevied a notification that a renewal was due. I handed it to my manager and asked him to handle it. Next thing I know I received a bill for $223 with a long list of things we had presumably ordered and we are way past due! I asked my manager what he orderd and he had no idea? He called back and they offered him a $30 discount and stood their ground that it is their 'policy' to fully inform their customers what they have committed to and somehow we are now on some kind of subscription service. But they still can't provide any kind of proof where or how we actually asked for any of this because it was all done through a phone call and my manager did not even realize what he was agreeing to when the guy said you need this. You would think he would have said 'oh and by the way you are going to receive a bill for $223 for all this!!'. This is clearly an unethical business. Be careful. If you receive anyting from Personnel Concepts save yourself serious headaches and throw it away. If I cannot resolve this issue with the next level of managment in coming weeks I will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

  • Feb 1, 2016

received an envelope in the U.S. Mail on Friday, 29 January.

It was addressed to me by name, at my home address.

After my name in the address block was the following:

Attention: Owner / Manager Mhz Consulting Services, followed by my home address.

The single sheet of paper inside had at the top in bold black letters this statement:

"ALERT: You Must Post Revised Washington & Federal Labor Law Notices"

Again, I was named as the Owner/Manager, advising me to order specific Washington State and Federal labor law notice signs for my business.

The form on this sheet of paper included a order sheet for the following sign:

State WA - Item No. SS1-U - Description 2016 Space Saver-1 All-On-One Washington & Federal Labor Law Poster - Price Each: $9.95, and of course a quantity block.

Also was a listing for LAM - Description: Please laminate the poster(s) I'm ordering for an addtional $10.00 each.

The company sending this bogus information was:

Personnel Concepts P.O. Box 3353, SanDimas, CA 91773-7353

Telephone: (800) 333-3795

Fax: (800) 760-1190

Ref. No: P41630

I again state this is bogus as I have never owned a company, let alone a company named Mhz Consulting Services.

The only explanation I can come up with is that I am a FCC licensed Extra Class Amateur Radio operator, and my name and address can be found in different Ham radio operator data bases.

Mhz, and Khz for Megahertz and Kilohertz are frequency references quite common to amateur radio.

I immediately contacted the Washington State Attorney General's office, and the person I spoke with took the information I received, and told me that often bogus operators, such as this one, make a lot of money from gullible people who give credit card information to buy the signs.

What is also interesting is that the person at the State Attorney General's office says that the state issues these type of signs at no cost to business.

  • Jan 14, 2016

Today I received a "2016 compliance update" w/WA State seal on outside.

What concerns me is that they have listed a former employer as the name of my business name. The only time I have entered my former employment online was into a government database for employment. Wondering where and from whome PCI-Consumer Compliance Department obtains their mailing list data? May seem like a misprint...but I am greatly concerned that they obtained this data from a fradulent source or from hacking into a government employment database??? Either way, now my public persona has morphed into something and some one it is not! I believe PCI has used information stolen from the Federal Govt from their personnel hack disclosed JUN/JUL 2015.

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