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Perillo Downers Grove

Country United States
State Illinois
City Downers Grove
Address 330 Ogden Ave
Phone 630-241-4848

Perillo Downers Grove Reviews

  • Apr 2, 2020

Negligence led to endangerment

Negligence led to endangerment.

(Downer Groves - Perillo) (Bentley Gold Coast) manager Dan Kern and Sales Rep Dimitrious Mitchell failed to rectify a significant issue that they caused.

I purchased a vehicle from Downers Grove in August of 2019 - Bentley Gold Coast fitted the car with tires that placed myself, my family, and those on the road next to me in jeopardy.

The tires they put on my vehicle could not sustain the weight of my vehicle. They were off (over-weighted) by 1600 pounds. The rating was a 95w. The proper tire-weight requirements are 105w rear and 101w front, for my car. Bentley Gold Cost's error led to stress cracks and additional warping of the tires within 3000 miles of driving.

A quote from the shop I took my car into - to inspect the tires; "I can not believe they did not explode."

I immediately called Bentley Gold Coast and reported the issue. I supplied them with a detailed email, including pictures of the tires (cracks, type of tires, etc.), a statement from the shop that replaced them, and proper load weight specs. I asked for Bentley Gold Coast to cover the cost of the tires. There email response from Dan Kern read, "We have concluded that no adjustment is warranted. The vehicle was sold to you last August, over seven months ago. There is no dealer warranty on tires."

P.S. Bentley Gold Coast admitted to putting on the tires before purchase and still refused to rectify their negligence.

  • Sep 1, 2015

Please read experience of my purchase of a $73,000 Porsche 2008 Turbo with 22,000 miles. I found the car over the internet and after many calls and research was assured the car was extremely well cared for with a completely up to date maintence record. I was continuely told and retold the car was fully serviced by Sales Person, Sales Manager, and Shop manager.

As you can see from my experience the car was anything but that. what follows are actual emails between myself Perillo Sales manager Paul Meagan and the owner Joe Perillo. Read Mike Forbes report closely, the car's computer states the car exceeded the RED LINE over 1300 Times!!

Once you read my Mechanics report, focus on Mr Perillo's defense......unless its in writing all promises and or statements are not relevent. In short his people can lie and tell you whatever you want to hear, since he knows he protect himself with his own contracts. IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH PERILLO ITS TRULY A CASE OF BUYER BEWARE. His closing threat to me is to go ahead and try to litigate and risk losing your legal fees as well as paying his fees. Does this strike you as a dealer that stands behind his business?

Mike Forbes is my mechanic who inspected the car once I returned to Philadelphia. Paul is sales manager


Mike Forbes official report on the car is below. I can’t even begin to express my feelings on how severely this car was misrepresented to me.

I asked on several occasions to you, Rhoy and Dimtri if the car was fully up to date on its service. Each of you replied yes, with assurances that your own mechanics have done a complete assesment of the car. The car was not only not serviced by the prior owner, it was never serviced by your firm.

Within one hour I began to experience problems and within a few hours of driving additional issues became apparent. The car’s own computer has a record that would have violated a Porsche factory warranty if still in place.

The movie below below clearly shows oil leaks, chain clatter, and other issues. There is body damage, along with tire damage. This car has been clearly abused and I am confident any reasonable car dealership would have or should have known of these issues.

After many phone calls and assurances I agree to accept this deal based upon my research of your firm and its reputation. I acted in good faith throughout this negotiation, I truly hope your comment about how the organization is committed to customer service and stands behind its promises holds true for this situation. I expect full refund on the car as well as the recovery of my expenses. I have purchased many cars including numerous Porsches and have never been so disappointed with the clear misrepresentation of a product. Please reply back by tomorrow.

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