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Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics

Country United States
State New York
City Bay Shore
Address 1150 Sunrise Hwy
Phone 631-328-1100

Perfect Body Laser and Aesthetics Reviews

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  • Aug 13, 2016

BIGGEST SCAM EVER, I am in the process of filing a class action lawsuit against this place, Any customers with similar problems please contact me for details and I will give you my lawyer info.

This place ripped me off 10300 dollars for 2 different operation, the first was for my belly they promised me 7 treatment and said everything will be ok after that, we did all 7 nothing happen when I complaint to them they sent me home to drink water and do exercise, they were supposed to call me to do before and after picture the belly NOTHING.

The second treatment for the face was supposed to be 7 visit since Memorial day they were supposed to call me for the 4th visit I never heard from them. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE MY LAWYER IS REVIEWING THE CASE THEY WILL HEAR FROM ME IN COURT SOON IF I DON'T GET MY FULL REFUND BACK.

I will post reviews in every possible websites to stop these scammers

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  • Mar 12, 2019


I too was ripped off please provide your lawyers information

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  • Jun 20, 2018

Hi Everyone!!!

I honestly have nothing bad to say about all the girls in the office that have performed my treatments, made my appointments or at the very least greeted me at the front door. They have ALL been a pleasure to work with.

My complaint is about the actual director Jemima - she is nothing but defensive when you ask about the services you are receiving and whether or not they are working - since we are ALL paying $10,000 plus for any given combination of services you would think she would be more knoweldgeable in answering your questions and concerns than she actually is.

I went in about a year ago and inquired about the non-surgical tummy tuck and laser hair removal - since I had the gastric sleeve about 2.5 years before that I had some excess skin to get rid of - not so much weight - just the excess skin - one step at a time - I halted my weight loss as I had so much excess skin building about around my tummy I was feeling quite uncomfortable. I met with Jemima and what a sales woman - hands up to her - she sold me like white on rice and needless to say I was so excited about getting rid of the unwanted hair growth due to PCOS that I actually left with my daughter after all contracts were signed in tears. Having to shave my face once and even twice daily starting to wear on me.

After my 5 treatments which were very relaxing and no scary due to the professional staff on hand I was told to wait some time and things will start to happen - well nothing really happened. When I called and asked about it I was told Jemima would have to be contacted and she in turn would contact me as she is a very busy person - never has time for anything but new sales from what I saw. She finally called me back and was totally rude and defensive - I was told to come in and take measurements again and then I received a call back a couple of days later saying you actually gained 2 pounds.

Honey gaining 2 pounds is not going to change a persons flappy skin hanging of the tummy area. I was told that it can take up to a year and she wanted to see me again in May 2018. Drink plenty of water and excercise - I walk swiftly 7 miles a night and drink water when my eyes are open which is 20 hours a day working - so I am not a sitting, sleeping, watching tv or anything that does not inlcude activity.

I was dismissed by Jemima and was told they will contact me to make my follow up appt in May.

Its June 21st and nothing yet - UNTIL - I noticed since my last laser appt which was supposedly my last laser appt I was having a lot more hair growth in the areas that I had done recently - I was told initially if i had hair regrowth I had a 10 year warranty and could come back anytime I needed to. Well this morning I called and I was told they would have to contact - guess who - Jemima and they or herself would be calling me back. I said ok and left it at that.

I received a call back from the office saying that I was due for my follow up of the non-surgical tummy tuck and when we do that she will evaluate my laser regrowth. I was fine with that until i was told that my appointment would be August 1st 2018 - 1.5 months from now - which leaves me no sun 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after my laser appointment, etc...

Needless to say I was not happy with the appointment turn around for the laser - when I questioned I though I had the 10 year warranty? I also stated that I would not wait until Aug 1 for an additional laser treatment - after the thousands of dollars I spent I was not spending my summer shaving my face again. Ugh, so I was put on hold so I can speak to Jemima and guess what - she was too busy to get on the phone but they were giving me a courtesy laser treatment on them at a reasonable rate (hmmm I thought I had the 10 year warranty and doesnt that mean included - free of charge?)

After going back and forth and coming to the acceptance that I was not wiling to wait until July 6th now for a laser treatment - they squeezed me in on Monday the 25th. Very peculiar. My follow up to the non-surgical tummy tuck is still August as I really do not want to be told by Jemima that I'm pretty much fat and I wasted my money..lmfao.

On that note - i have to say "Shame on YOU Jemima" You take thousands of dollars from customers who you make feel great about themselves and then treat them like crap......I hope Perfect Body Laser honors their part of the contract.

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  • May 10, 2018

Estelis R.

This was my experience and my honest review; My mom and I went to perfect body in hopes to eliminated fat through the Laser procedure. I asked for a laser procedure to eliminate fat. I had given birth two months prior and was undergoing postpartum depression and anxiety. When I realized I was not ready to do such procedure. I was completely honest with Patrick, who is the owner as he stated and told him the truth "I made a mistake in signing the contract I was not in my right mental state I made the decision under postpartum d." I get teary I was still very emotional given i had a baby 2 moths prior also because I knew I could not afford this. Initially I was charged 11,500 for three area so Patrick told me if decide not to do the procedure I would be charged around 6,000 in "disposables" since i did not cancel my appointment within their 24 hour time frame. My husband and I looked at each other scratching our heads thinking how can disposables cost more than half of the cost of treatment without getting any treatment done? This is a form of COERCION! its almost like we had no choice but to go through with the procedure or else we would be charged 6,000 just for stepping in their office . So Patrick "sympathized" and worked down the price to 8,500. He said he would refund me 3,000, the following day I get a call from him stating he made a mistake in the math and he's actually going to refund me 2.500 which came out to the agreed price of 8,500. I said ok. But, I still don't want to go through with this procedure but there was no going back.

The first day of the procedure I knew I was robbed cold. These treatments are extremely superficial and the science behind it is highly questionable. Perfect Body offers a fat melting procedure called Exilis and a collagen booster called Thermage. THERMAGE AND EXILIS ARE NOT LASER THEY ARE RADIO FREQUENCY TREATMENTS. I WAS SOLD RADIO FREQUENCY TREATMENTS INSTEAD OF LASER. I am warning everyone who is currently doing their research on this company not to sign their contract at least for the collagen booster and fat melting services. There is absolute no money back no matter the circumstance its one of the first terms of agreement stated in plain view in their contract. I made a huge mistake signing it. They charged me 8,500 for 5 treatments of Exilis on three areas stomach, bra line and arms. These procedures yielded no results whatsoever not 1% of fat was melted and now I am stuck with 8,500 dollars to pay for absolutely nothing. This decision added immense stress to my life. My mother had no results either she went in for fat reduction on the chin area. nothing happened we look the same. what a ripoff every month I have to pay 190.00 for absolutely nothing.

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  • Sep 9, 2016

This company preys on people wanting to look a few years younger!! They have a beautiful office and friendly staff. Its all being maintained by the ripoff scam they are running!! They are only after your hard earn money. They recommend procedures and buys time by saying it takes about a year to see complete results. When you see no results after a year and you get concerned about the amout of money spent, they try to offer "free" additional services in an attempt to buy additional time. Then when that does not work, Patrick get's involved and blames and try to intimidate you. Stay away from this company!!!

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  • Aug 8, 2019

Exiles treatment

She is terrible!!!!

Ethically irresponsible woman that provides poor customer satisfaction!!!

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  • Aug 8, 2019

Exiles & Thermage

Finding all of your responses is just like my experience with Jemima! I paid $8,000 financed and based on the contract there are no guarantees nor refunds. Jemima specifically told me I would see immediate results around my lower abs and love handles. I didn’t have much to lose it was just tightening of the lower abs and losing some excess love handles in which my measurements stayed the same!

Jemima told me we would talk if I wasn’t satisfied. She did not fulfill her ethical responsibility towards the customer! She actually started walking me out of her office when I asked her why no changes in January 2019 at the 6 month consult and told me wait the full 10 months and I’ll see you in June.

I showed up in June and the girls in the office said I had no appointment my file was moved to legal. What does that say in itself?

I had made a complaint with the BBB & Attorney General office. Nobody could help and the outcome was I should sue in court. Based on the contract if I lost the case I would have to pay the lawyer fees. Basically, the contract protects them and they legally rob you of your hard earned $$$$!!!!

I’m planning on taking them to court if I can arrange a class action lawsuit against them!!!

Anyone willing to help I’d be very grateful!

Please contact my number at 631-445-2430

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  • Jan 29, 2019

Laser hair

Very bad experience what a rip off of hard earned money results are shit so does the women jamima makes big bucks from customer money.l would never recommend perfect body laser to any one.

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  • Aug 8, 2019

Promised rapid results from jemima!!! this is why i signed the contract. She verbally told me i’d see immediate results and saw nothing for $8,000 in her wallet of commissions smh!!!!!

She removed my 10 month appointment and never notified me.

Purely unethical practices!!!

Shame on her representing perfect body!!!!

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