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Country United States
State Michigan
City Holland
Address 11099 Watertower Ct
Phone 616-494-0103

Perf-Moto Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2016

On Dec 2nd 2015 Perfmoto had an Akrapovic Slip on exhaust listed for sale on to fit a 2015 Ducati Diavel. I called Perfmoto to make sure that is what they were selling and was told I would have to shop on the website for that price. I did buy the pipe and received a pipe for a BMW S1000. .

I called Ashley who told me it was a mistake~ No s****ake! I don’t have BMW and they sent me that pipe. No she said they would NOT sell me the pipe they had listed because it was the wrong price? Can you say bait and switch? I can because she said I’d need to send her an additional $1000 to receive the pipe I ordered.

That is false advertising~!

So let me get this straight I did nothing wrong, I paid in full for the part I needed and get someting I didn’t order. Perfmoto did zero to make sure I get the right part and I am definitely not going to get something before Christmas based on their mistake? Yep you got it.

S***** customer service at it’s best!~ If you are a discerning biker and ride motorcycles DO NOT BUY FROM THESE IDIOTS~

As of now I still have the BMW S1000 pipe and I spoke to Steve who told me they will not make good on the original offer.

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