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PeoplePerHour Inc.

Country United Kingdom
State England
City London

PeoplePerHour Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 24, 2019

I have been a freelancer on their website for 6 months. They require you do 3 projects in 3 months to keep your account, or so they threaten, as I have applied to all jobs, even ones that pay below minimum wage, for them all to be interested in my work but require interviews off of the pph website.

PPH does not allow communication off of their website and will shut down accounts blocking from opening a new one if this happens. With it, I have not communicated off of the website and kept applying to work for 6 months.

I complained each time someone asked me to talk on a different platiform and the support says they are scams. Well if they are scams, then pph is a scam because all jobs I apply fall under what pph calls scams. I have a Master's Degree and 18 years in the field so landing work should not be a challenge. It is not on other websites but I have been told pph is the best and has highest paying clients so I stuck with them for a while. Now I am certain they are bogus. I have to pay daily to promote my resume and I have to pay monthly to have an account able to apply to jobs.

I paid for my resume to be promoted and got emails from them saying the $17.95 price was charged, and they will not promote because I will not pay the $1680 salary I require of the special offer of service. I complained to them for getting nothing but scams and they say "I don't understand why you are upset at us protecting you from scams." Well maybe if you knew that was all the jobs on your system you would understand. I have proof of ever conversation I have had with them and every job I applied. You can look in my account on pph to see all the conversations where I was invited to interviews but had to decline because I stuck to pph terms to not communicate elsewhere.

I have lost hundreds of dollars to them and nearly lost everything I own because of not getting work. I saved myself through going through where I landed a couple interviews within hours of creating my account. I filed a federal crime report on the FBI website for them being internet crime.

  • Dec 7, 2017

DO NOT CONTACT THEM FOR ANY REASON. this site is full of scammers form the middle east that pose as young professional men and woman. Once you give them a deposit they stall your projects than begin calling you direct and threatening you for more money. In the end you will never get any money back, a project completed or any value. This is a 100% scam deisgned to steal money. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY>

  • Jul 24, 2017

How aka scams freelancers registering to work on the internet:

Trick freelancers into registering on and/or (who knows what other sites they are using for this scam?)

Trick freelancer into providing credit card details with a promise that will speed up the process of allowing the freelancer to make themself available to work on projects.

Trick freelancer into providing professional portfolio, resume, personal details with a promise of allowing the freelancer to announce their web, software, mobile software development & design services.

Trick freelancer into providing their driver license, passport with excuses and stories about verifying the freelancer is a real human being and the mailing / payment received address on their account is authentic.

After aka SuperTasker tricks the freelancer into providing all their personal info, portfolio, credit card, passport, driver license and more - - - give the freelancer vague, unrelated, irrelevant emails stating you will not allow them to sell their freelance services nor access any of the services you originally promised while gathering the freelancers personal info.

When freelancer contacts you to complain - ignore them, create new stories that are vague and totally unrelated to the issues raised, insult the freelancer's portfolio proving many years of experience with big name clients & positive reviews then disappear and move on to the next target to victimize (freelancers available to work online).

  • May 21, 2016

I had a team working for 8 months for Ben Goodenough.

Requirements changed, a lot changed, more features added, etc.

We couldn't complete everything on time, as normal, so Ben decided he'd ask for a refund on his deposit, having already source code for 2 sites and 2 mobile apps with him, all running and installed on his server.

This scam website PeoplePerHour after disputes etc decided to refund him the full thing on a basis that since I'm a new seller he gets a refund, no questions asked. Even if I completed the full work (which me and my team were always willing and committed to doing) he could just ask for a refund, and under PPH's T&Cs he gets to keep the work and get all of his deposit back, keeping everything for free.

My question is, how is this website still up? Clearly illegal and defrauding people. I was unable to pay my team and this guy Ben Mills or Ben Goodenough, from Birmingham (he has multiple aliases) just refuses to pay.

The websites he's running for free (at our expense) are: and

I don't want full payment for unfinished work, I want fair compensation for the work done. which is around 90-95% of all that was agreed upon. Ben never wanted this, then he'd have to pay, or not, since PPH facilitates not paying and still keeping everything.

This website must be taken down.

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