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Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Erie
Address 7320 Murphy Hurst Avenue
Phone (888) 863-9115

Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyer Reviews

  • Aug 7, 2015

I found this attorney online for PA where I live for a divorce. I paid him in installments and finally it was paid. Then I thought he was going to send me the papers in the mail to be signed. Instead he had me download them. I went to the library to download them and it printed what was there. I had my husband sign them as we went to pay 15.00 to have it witness. I sent it out to him. It took him over a week to get back with me and then as time went on he said he was not sure the courts would accept the way it was printed out. So he is telling me that he could now send the papers for 15.00 and then I have to pay an additonal 35.00 for the court again. The prices are going up. I already paid him close to 250.00. This guy needs to get his practice in order. How sure am I that the papers he sends to me is fit for the court? I am penalized every time something is wrong which that is why I paid him 250.00. It is wrip off by internet to have a divorce attorney. They advantage of you and puts up fees that should not be there. He is looking for a mistake to make money. I feel these lawyeres need to have their own medicine thrown in their faces. They are wripping off people like me to live rich. Enough is enough guys!

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