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Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 11905 Bustleton Avenue
Phone 215-969-4400

Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence Reviews

  • Sep 1, 2015

What a scam they are running at this place. They are money hungry con artists. I was told I needed a deep cleaning scaling procedure. Dr. Tau told me that with my insurance I would have to pay about $560 out of pocket for the entire procedure. I went today to have the first half done. After the procedure I was told that the out of pocket cost for one half of my mouth was over $700, but that they had given me discounts so all I had to pay for the one side was $560, double the price I was quoted a week ago. I was then told that they had had a very hard time getting in contact with MetLife, but conveniently they were finally able to get in touch with them while I was there having the procedure done. They said it was at that point that they discovered that my insurance wouldn't cover as much as they thought. They should have had all of that figured out prior to doing anything, and I was under the impression that they did. I was never told they were having any trouble with the insurance, in fact I was told that they had spoken to them. My husband and I have both had other more extensive procedures done with the same insurance and we've never had to pay anything close to that out of pocket. I've never even had to pay a copay at other dentists. When I complained and said that I wasn't paying that much the receptionist just started pulling random numbers out of the air asking me if I could pay $500 and then "how about $300?" I was supposed to go back tomorrow to have the other half done, but there's no way I'm going back there. Now I have one half of my mouth done, and don't know what to do about the other half. What a joke this place is. Stay away unless you enjoy throwing money away. The first time I went he was harassing a teenager's father on the phone over a copay that the kid didn't have on him. He was being kind of rude to the kid's father who didn't feel comfortable giving credit card info over the phone. I felt bad for the kid who was probably embarrassed since this whole thing was taking place right out in the open in front of anyone in the waiting room. I thought he was being inappropriate and unprofessional. I should have gone with my gut then and gotten up and left. I'm seriously regretting not doing that.

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