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Pennsylvania's Fresh Air Care

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Hellertown
Address 333 Cedar Rd
Phone (888) 379-4612

Pennsylvania's Fresh Air Care Reviews

  • Mar 16, 2017

Wade, the owner of the company sent a technician to clean my dryer vent on 1/24/13. He did an excellent job, charged me $ 50.00 and said he would send me a reminder in one year to have it cleaned again. I never received a reminder and did not have them come back until 5/5/16. Wade came to do the the cleaning , I was not home he charged my Husband $75.00. He told my Husband the price went up! Several months after he left we discovered that the dryer sleeve was leaking in the basement. It had been damaged during the cleaning . I called Wade and asked him to come back and fix it. He came on 12/2/16. He blamed the leak on the builder, we have lived here for 24 years and never had a leak until he cleaned our dryer vent.

He said he could fix it right away but , he needed to get some parts and I would have to give him a check in advance because he did not have enough money, he also wanted to be paid for his services in advance. He charged me$273.62 . I did not have much of a choice since I had to fix the leak and I had already waited weeks for him to come from when I first called him. He did fix the problem he created and then proceeded to tell me how I really needed my air ducts cleaned. On 12/21/16 he finally returned ,after I had made many calls to him to tell him that he did not put my dryer back properly and it was shaking and making a lot of noise when I used it.

He only returned my call when I finally left a message saying " I wanted my vents cleaned and I was going to have to find another company ". When he came to fix the dryer he told me that if I booked the vent cleaning then he would give me a discount because I was a long time customer. The vent cleaning would normally be $662.92 and he would do it for $375. He said he had to book in advance because he does all of the work himself now because he has not found that anyone he hires is reliable or particular enough. I gave him a $100.00 deposit and agreeed that he would do the work in early February when I returned from my ski vacation. When I returned we had to reschedule due to an accident I had. After trying all of the phone numbers he gave me, I finally contacted his girl friend who told him to call me.

He finally did on 3/13/16 and said he would be here on 3/15/16 @9:30am .He also gave me another new phone number, this is the 4th number I have for him! He called the night before to confirm. He never showed up on the 15th, he never called to cancel, I have tried to call his new number dozens of times, he does not answer and does not have a voice mail, and the girl friend say's she does not know where he is and she is no longer his girlfriend. I have contacted several reputable and rated companies and the price for a house the size of mine should be no more than $194.00,!!!!! And any reputable company takes credit cards Wade does not. I have reported him to the Attorney General 's Office and The Better Business Bureau!

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