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Peng Joon

Country Malaysia
City Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Address Smobble Sdn Bhd Wisma BU8, L6-08 Lot 11, Lebuh Bandar Utama

Peng Joon Reviews

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  • Sep 14, 2017

I sign up this course after attending a Robert Kyosaki event organised by Success Resources. I was sold with the idea that Peng Joon internet intensive course 3 days which is catered to those who do not have any idea about how to create online business to have a product to sell and make a sale before the end 3rd of the class. I wasn't expecting a sale to be honest but would settle for a website with my own product. I sign up and paid 3999 to success Resouces , and We were given home work to prepare some slides and get our hosting and .com registered prior to the intensive class, which I paid.

When I turned up for the first day, it was at Palace of Golden Horses Hotel, the room was so packed with people, with very little space and with poor internet connection and in most cases no internet. Peng joon started the class by talking about his story again and his pre-sales he did at the earlier Robert Kyosaki event.

He then went on to give us lots of text book ideas and notes and we spend very little in website and even then me and my mates could use our laptop because of very poor or no internet connections. An internet intensive course with no internet connection which was not funny a all. This continued for the next 2 days and very little time spend on actually creating website but a lot of theory from text book. at the end of the day 3 I was left feeling like cheated, not only I didn't have a website, he had the cheek to upsell his courses worth hundreds of thousand for a private course in Bali only for selected few according to him, very well knowing that only few could sign up for that price. He said he is going to give us a bonus worth thousand of dollars for free and presented us a thumb drive with templates. And asked us to take ownership of our lives and act on it and do it just like he did.

I feel he has over promised and under delivered massively, this course was actually another 3 day brain washing to get you sign up for the more expensive course that would have cost me 50 thousand and more for the more premium one, an upsell and he used the sales funnel on us!! What a scammer. Stay bloody away from this courses, if you have the money go and sign up for a internet course from an institute or hire a web designer and you will save $$$$$ and time. Very disappointed

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  • Mar 4, 2016

I hate to do this but it must be done. I saw Peng Joon 1 year ago at the National Acheivers Congress and I was blown away at his presentation. THis young 25 year internet millionaire (So who he claims), was humble, talked a lot about his humble start. So I bought his program for $1997 and then attended his class. I was so excited, it was fun, interactive and we built websites right there on the spot. I did everythign he said and NOT ONE THING MADE US MONEY. It is a complete scam. About 30 of us from the class, are still in contact with our what's app group and not one of us has made money. Now we are action takers, i have a high paying job and this was my ticket to passive income. Turns out it's a road of lies, deceit and broken dreams.

Peng Joon turned out to the biggest fraud. I have not meet one person that has made money with hios program that has quit their job and one of his video testamonial on his presentation is actually broke and has no money, even though he proclaims to have made all this money.

Internet Marketing use to work in the days of Stephen Pierce, Joel Comm, Jeff Walker, Fran Kern. All these guys are real internet marketers, Peng Joon is a fake and a fraud.

Keep your MONEY... I lost mine and I will never get back. Perhaps we should all get together and sue him and let see if he makes more with his program or his internet marketing business.

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  • Nov 8, 2019


Your comment is really true. We should gather all his victims and sue this fxxker!

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  • May 10, 2020

Scammer of all scammers

This fella is obviously a big scam . Likewise the 3 days course seriously was more like a motivational talk than an actual practical course . I was waiting anxiously for him to get to part on how to use click funnels and till the end, There was more up selling and whatever we registered for pre training was not applicable at all . Total waste of time and money .

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  • May 7, 2020

Scammer, Liar

Peng Joon just won over $120,000 in prizes for being the #1 affiliate for Russell Brunson's Traffic Secrets Book. He made lots of promises, most of them were for things well into the future. One of them was a checklist that he said he had already created but wouldn't be available until May 5th, the same day Russell's book would be shipped. That promise has been on his site since the beginning of the launch about six weeks ago. On May 5th, I came to the bonus site to get the checklist and it still said, "this will be available on May 5th." The morning of May 6th I checked again and the message had been changed. Now it says, "you will be given this at the Live Event." Peng Joon made a promise and the only explanation is he never had actually created it. Now he's buying time. 90% of the people are not going to his Live Event and that is months from now and with the pandemic, who knows. The promise was that he had already created it but it wouldn't be available until May 5th. That date has come and gone and there's a new message delaying the bonus by months. No other explanation is given. I agree, not the end of the world, but the fact that Peng Joon overpromised and didn't deliver and didn't provide any explanation tells me a lot. Will NEVER do business with him again and will let some of the affiliates who lost out to him know that he won with some very shady tactics. He has tons of videos out talking about treating customers right, etc. What a sham, what a joke.

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  • Jun 22, 2020

A very "good" SCAMMER!

If there is anything I've learnt in the past 2.5 days of his "Intensive" Virtual Gamechanger course, is that it is nothing but a scam! Everything he preaches is outright ripped off of Russell Brunson's 10X sales pitch, and at the end of the day, we learned nothing. As the pandemic hits us, a lot of us are actually honest good people who used our hard earned savings to invest in Peng Joon because we believed in his sales pitch. He pitched that he will take us through the sales funnel and how to develop your site (Even asked us to sign up for prior to the workshop), we will be given everything we need to know, from the "high" level strategies to how to put your business online.

GUESS WHAT!!!??? We paid him USD500 (round up) to only sit in another sales pitch to attend another USD4,000 (AFTER discount!) million dollar master class where ONLY then, he will teach what he pitched you the first time. By the end of the workshop, not only do you still not know how to start, how to select a profitable niche, his "high level" strategies are really just surface and you can definitely get it online (especially when it's ripped off from Russell Brunson), what made me speechless is, many people literally bought his bullshit and signed up for that USD4k class, and gave a good review saying they've learnt a lot.

What I really wanted to know is, what have you learned? If attitude, mindset and basic marketing is worth USD500 and 2.5 days of your time, I guess you don't really want it anyways, because obviously you've not done your homework nor research - or as "Peng Joon" said, you're in the wrong environment. Peng Joon keep stressing that his time is valuable and priceless... guess what, SO IS MINE! Personally I won't recommend his class, he might have "made it" but if I have to con my way up to monetize people's hard earn money only to give them surface value, I won't do it.

Oh and the WORST thing is, for 2.5 days, he'll condition everyone in the room that whoever that doesn't like him, doesn't purchase his class, doesn't follow exactly what his advice are either "not successful people", "indecisive" or "not an action taker". AND he will call you out, put you in the hot seat, and shame you, I am disgusted by how a "successful" person who preaches empathy and accountability can do that to other people for a truthful comment on what HE brought to the table. Yeah you show empathy by shaming people, and you are definitely showing accountability by penalizing other people's comment instead of looking into why and what are people saying. pfffttt.... And if he doesn't see how manipulative that is, I think he has a problem. Overall, his social media doesn't represent what he preaches, when you do your research before signing up for his class, don't believe his testimonials, cos he urges people to write and appeals to their kindness for a good review.

ARGH! My time and money WASTED! BAD BAD BAD experience!!!!

  • May 7, 2020

This is a fake site, run by Peng Joon

Two bad comments and a place to submit comments, but when you do, they aren't posted and go nowhere. Peng Joon is the ultimate cheat and scammer and liar. Legitimate affiliates of Traffic Secrets were cheated. Since this site is a fake, too, I will contact the ones on the leaderboard list and let them know they all should have been one place higher on the leaderboard, which in the case of the second and third place finishers means multiple tens of thousands was stolen from them by Peng Joon's cheating, lying tactics.

  • May 6, 2020

Peng Joon is a blatant outright liar and cheat

Russell Brunson just had his Traffic Secrets book launch. Peng Joon used some sleazy tactics to win #1 affiliate and over $100,000 in cash and prizes. He promised he had gotten early access 8 months prior to the launch and had documented all the most important items in the book "and put them into my personal checklist or cheatsheet of 76 items", to make everything in the book turn-key and step by step. The launch ended in early April and Russell Brunson (all along -- upfront) told everyone the books wouldn't actually ship until May 5th. Peng Joon promised his checklist (among other things) on May 5th. Yesterday was May 5th and his site wasn't updated. It still said, "this bonus will be available on May 5th". All day long. Today, just a few hours later, now May 6th, the message on his site CHANGED. Just in the last few hours. It now says you'll get this bonus "when you attend the Live Event". Doesn't even say which live event, but the bonus includes one in July. Absolute sleazebag. Understand: it's not the end of the world. But... I will never look at this guy as anything but a crook, someone you cannot trust with the truth or his promises. Jim Edwards, a very honorable guy, was winning the affiliate contest until the last few days when Peng Joon pulled out all these new bonuses and promises and sold thousands more books and won the contest. Russell Brunson should disqualify Peng Joon from winning the bonus off the backs of a bunch of lies and broken promises. I hope others also write in and comment.

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