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Pendrick Capital Partners LLC

Country United States
State Virginia
City Belleview
Address 1714 Hollinwood Dr
Phone (866) 335-3361

Pendrick Capital Partners LLC Reviews

  • Jul 1, 2018

This company refuses to indicate in the letters they send me why I owe money. Its only 45 dollars. But these sorts of things add up. If a creditor is unwilling to list what I owe money for, a service, medical then I think they are scammers.

  • Mar 14, 2018

4-14-2015 - Recieved collection information from Bay Area Collection for medical service 8-21-14 Called insurance company (Keystone BC/IBS) and they said they never received a claim for insurance payment. Explained to submit the claim. Pendrick stated they would submit claim

10-26-2015 - New collection agency assigned from PCP LLC named Phoenix Financial. Spend days in December again explaining the information. Talking to BC/IBS and again insurance said claim was never filed. Phoenix Financial said they received authorization from Pendrick Capital Partners LLC to again submit the claim so in 12-2-2015 again thought this was resolved

3-5-2018 - New collecition agency was sent my file from PCP LLC called Avande USA and I told them this was resolved they stated they were closing my case.

3-13-18 - Talked to Pallino Solutions 800-516-6045 (651 N. Broad Street, Suite 208, Middletown, DE 19709) now assigned my file from PCP LLC they said I need the EOB from BC/IBS for the service. Again I call BC/IBS and they said the claim was never submitted for service!!!

I have detailed notes on every call, who I spoke to and have spent countless hours over the last three years trying to get this resolve this is insanity!!!! I will continue to take notes and will keep this file until I die since I can see this will never be resolved and they will just keep passing my file on to another collections agency. There needs to be some protection provided to consumers for this type of harrassment!

  • Aug 5, 2017

I recieved a bill for $1,188 dollars from a collection agency called Transworld Systems Inc. They said that the creditor is Pendrick Capital Partners II LLC. I called the hospital the bill states that I recieved the care and was told that my insurance covered it. The bill states that my insurance was terminated and that it was sent to collections because they couldn't get ahold of the payor. I called Transworld Systems and talked with a manager and told her of this and they still insist that I owe that money. I asked for the phone number for Pendrick Capital and she said that I would have to find that on my own. I did find that on my own and called and the guy that answered said hello and I told him my name and what the call was about. He said I would have to call customer service and gave me the number. I called them and no answer at all. I am really upset because they have my insurance information and my social security number but will not take care of said debt that was already paid for by my insurance company.

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