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Pelletier Litigation

Country Canada
City Calgary, Alberta
Address 205 5 Ave SW #3300
Phone 1 403-407-2600

Pelletier Litigation Reviews

  • Dec 4, 2019

This is the WORST LAW FIRM (3 lawyers: Ryan Pelletier, Ryan Kerry, Joe Iwanicki) I have ever dealt with!! Ryan Pelletier took my case back in 2015. After charging me more and more, he dumped my case to another lawyer in his firm: Ryan Kerry.

Once again, kept charging me money with NO results. Ryan Kerry even came in DRUNK the morning he was to meet me to go over my file before a questioning, saying it was his birthday the day before! Then at the questioning, he had NO idea what he was doing!

After being charged for all this mess, and him constantly getting sick, he then moved out of the province and gave my case to a THIRD STUDENT lawyer, who is now a lawyer: Joe Iwanicki. This guy was the most UNPROFESSIONAL lawyer!

All I got was THREATS from him to give him more and More money! Finally I was on my HONEYMOON on the other end of the earth, and he sent a demand email for MORE money. Once I got home, 4 days later I get an email from his assistant WITHDRAWING my case with NO NOTICE after I gave these guys over $40,000!

Now I have to hire someone to go after these guys to recoup my losses!!!

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