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Pella Corporation

Country United States
State Iowa
City Pella
Address 102 Main Street
Phone 877-473-5527

Pella Corporation Reviews

  • Sep 30, 2020


  • Aug 29, 2016

This Company Is Selfish, Greedy And Does Not Care About Their Customers!

I sent Pella Corporation a Very Serious Letter of complaint by email back on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 because I had bought one of their Glass Screen Doors and was Very Angry, Upset and Disappointed in Their Product.

I had bought one of their Sliding Glass Screen Doors within the past year and ever since I received the Screen Door, I have NOT been able to use it and/or enjoy it 100% Due To A Bend In Their Product For The Screen Door Portion Of It Only!

This Was Not Of Any Fault Of My Own, Nor The Person Who Installed It, but rather this happened when I had received their product!

Please NOTE: I did Want To First Of All Apologize To Them For Not Reporting The Problem To Them Any Sooner, but I have Not Had The Chance To Do So Since I Have Been Out Of The Country In Toronto, Ontario Canada Going Back And Forth Over The Past Five (5) Years, Plus Helping To Take Care Of My 85 Year Old Mother who is Permanently Disabled, including suffering from a Prolapsed Bladder, Heart Condition and Low Circulation In Both Of Her Legs (Making Her Very Immobile With Her Walking) and this Happens To Be My Very First Opportunity That I Have Had In Contacting Them Directly To Inform Them Of The Incident And/Or My Complaint And To Let Them Know About My Dissatisfaction With Their Pella Corporation Product And I Have The Airplane Ticket To Prove That I Was Out Of The Country During That Time Upon Their Request!

Please NOTE: I do know that for a Fact that this product is made by Pella Corporation because Their Company Name has been engraved into The Product That I Have and enclosed in the attachments that I had provided, there were pictures showing Them Their Product which include Pictures of the Engraving Of Their Company Name Into The Product for their reference and further review.

Final Thoughts: I sincerely Hope That They Back Up And Guarantee Their Products 100% because this was My Very First Pella Corporation Glass Screen Door that I have ever owned in My Life and Hopefully Not My Last One, however, They Have Disappointed Me Very, Very Much so far!

In the mean time, if They Could Please Either Take Back Their Screen Door And/or Replace It For Me As A One Time Courtesy, then that would be More Than Greatly Appreciated!

Thank you.

  • Sep 19, 2015

I purchased Pella Proline windows for my entire home. It was a new home. The Pella Proline windows had a 10 year manufacture warrenty on them. At year 8, we noticed that all the wood around the windows was turning black. We called Pella, they sent a tech out, who told us that the metal clad had released on the outside of the windows and that water was leaking in around them. The black wood was actually mold. We had window sills that were rotted so bad you could see outside.

The Tech caulked the outside of the windows, said he would go back to the office and file a claim and get us replacement windows. Last I heard from him. I contacted various Pella representatives since and was told that Pella dropped the ball and that they would be contacting me. There was a class action lawsuit against Pella for these windows. Remember, I filed a claim prior to this lawsuit and before the warrenty expired.

Pella offered to give me a 30% discount on purchasing their new windows. My question is why would I ever purchase a Pella product again knowing that their warrenty is not worth the paper it is printed on?

Avoid Pella windows unless you want to replace them again and deal with the issues they cause.

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