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Pelham Valley Leatherworks

Country United States
State Tennessee
City Pelham
Address 266 Loblolly Ln

Pelham Valley Leatherworks Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2019

Etsy lost a great vendor!

As Travis works independently in his shop as a one man operation, he also works a fulltime career. When folks order a custom sheath, it isnt made overnight, it is made in the order received. I have ordered several items from him, and have yet to be ripped off! Travis has in fact, been running behind and totally REFUNDED my money and sent me a free case because he was behind amd not on schedule. I felt obligated to review and leave a positive for the world to see since it is only the negative reviews and complaints folks leave about someone.... they never share a positive message about others.

You definitely get your monies worth with Travis, and quality is taken to heart by him personally. This is old fashioned customer service, where he strives to make a friend, and is definitely not in it for the money. Keep up the great work, and please keep the great items coming.

  • May 7, 2018


I ordered a leatherman sheath from this guy which came on time and I loved it, so I ordered a wallet from him. Never showed. Weeks turned into months. Tried contacting, left messages, finally he got back to me and had some lame excuse that he was sick, firefighter, yada yada. He told me he would refund me for the wallet but never did. Classic dime store rip off artist. What bothered me was that on his website (now taken down), he talks about following Christ and how he is a Christian, etc. Pretty sick how he uses that to try and gain peoples trust. Disgusting.

  • Jul 2, 2019

Great shop

I've ordered from him numerous times! The items he makes is by himself! He doesn't have 6 people in a shop. I can actually confirm everything he's told you. As I've ordered from him for years and have become friends with him! It's pretty sick that people are petty because they buy HANDCRAFTED items and expect them to be made in 24 hours. That's not how things work. They're made in the order they're received.

I go through Etsy to order from him and have never failed to receive my order. It may take a bit but I have even received a free case and have had my money offered to be returned. But all the impatient people have reported that they haven't received an item so they then complain instead of talking to the maker so in return his shop was closed!

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  • Dec 6, 2017

I found this sheath on ETSY. I'm guessing Etsy are not particular who gets on their vendor list

I feel ETSY is complicit in this RIP-OFF because I've read similar problem from another customer of Pelham Valley Leather on this very web site dated May 21, 2017, Aaron of Lockport Illinois USA. ETSY should have restricted Pllham Valley Leather from access to their Web site to protect consumers once ETSY were aware of P.V.L.s inability to fufill their orders.

On 11/11/2017 I purchased a Leather knife sheath from Pelham Valley Leather. Before I purchase this item I had some questions about the payment and color of the item so I e-mailed Travis and he responded very quickly to my e-mail. I usually don't like to buy from strange web sites unless it provideds a phone number and are local, but seeing as how he responded so quickly and he was local, I thought him trustworthy, so I brought it.

Well since the funds were transferred from my account I've not received the item or gotten a responce to my numerous e-mails. all the website will tell me on the orders page is it hasn't shipped yet.

I will seek Remedies accordingly if not satisfied.

  • May 22, 2017

I originally ordered a knife sheath through Travis Lawyer's eBay Store. The knife sheath was sent to me incorrect and when I contacted him about it he was originally very accommodating and agreed to make the sheath that fits. I sent him all the measurements he requested and also sent the original sheath back to him. It's been several months now and I have not receive the shift that he promised or my money. I have sent several messages that went on answered. And finally after doing some research and obtaining his cell phone number I called him. He stated that he was putting out Forest fires out west and was away from his business for several weeks but promised to get the sheath made as soon as possible. It's now been almost a month and I have still not received the sheath I ordered or my money back. This guy appears to me as your classic con artist that rips people off. What surprises me most is that Travis says that he's a fireman for the Pellham Tennessee Fire Department. If this is true, I find it extremely disturbing that are a public servant is out there ripping people off and giving us all a bad name!

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