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Peerless Network

Country United States
State Illinois
City Chicago
Address 222 South Riverside Plaza Suite 2730
Phone 312-506-0920

Peerless Network Reviews

  • Jan 25, 2018

Peerless Network is running "extended warranty" scam. They game the do-not call registry by calling victims with local phone numbers that change very often. Their scammers called me from those phones:

8582513130 01/24/2018

8587714065 01/22/2018

8582510921 11/09/2017

8582510921 11/08/2017

8582674102 11/07/2017

8589584483 10/31/2017

8582210258 10/30/2017

8587244286 10/28/2017

8587244286 10/27/2017

8589390249 10/26/2017

8584341480 10/26/2017

4422376051 10/25/2017

8587244286 10/25/2017

8589390249 10/24/2017

They also have sent me a SMS message from 774-53: "Car:Alert: Your eligibility to extend your Auto Warranty is set to expire. Call now to avoid Coverage Termination. 800-293-4424 Txt STOP to OptOut"

Federal Trade Commision: Please start doing your job. They even pretend to be calling from Department of Motor Vehicles claiming that my warranty has expired! They ignore all my request to stop calling me!!!

  • Sep 6, 2017

Peerless Network Of California, LLC Is A Fraud And Totally Dishonest Company!

I have been Legally Registered on the National Do Not Call List Registry since July 28, 2005 and Peerless Network Of California,

LLC has been involved in Illegally Providing Their Telecommunication Services To A Client for the Sole Purpose Of Illegally Telemarketing, Harassing and Scamming Many Residents In Southern California, including myself coming from the phone number of (323) 450-2352.

I have received many, many Unwanted, Telemarketing and Harassing Phone Calls coming from that phone number which include: Sales Pitches Being Left On My Voice Mail, Constant Hangups, etc.

The latest Unwanted Phone Call that I had received was back on August 28, 2017 at 11:05 a.m. from that exact same phone number of:

(323) 450-2352.

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