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Pedro Vasquez

Country United States
State Texas
City LaPorte
Address 3118 Eagles Nest Drive
Phone 832 968 5017

Pedro Vasquez Reviews

  • May 8, 2018

Pedro (Pete) Vasquez of LaPorte, TX, BEWARE!! PETE VASQUEZ IS A CON ARTIST NOT A CONTRACTOR. He has been victimizing people in the Houston area since the mid-90s, except for the time periods he has been incarcerated for felony drug charges. The magnitude of his cons continues to escalate, starting in the few thousand-dollar range decades ago and now his recent scams have been for $33,000, $45,000, and $120,000+. He is a hardened soul who has no problem stealing FEMA funds from Hurricane Harvey victims or targeting single moms with children or the retired elderly. His most recent scams have even been right in his own back yard with people he knows in LaPorte, Tx. He continues to change his company name, so people can’t find any complaints on him when they try to research him. He is currently using Construction and Restoration Masters and past company names have been: Texas Concrete Construction and Texas Concrete and Remodeling.

He has mastered the art of deception and comes across as a caring, confident person. He will gain your trust and pretend he really cares and then either take your deposit and do no work or he will convince you to continue to make payments to keep your job going and will tell you we will “rock and roll next week,” but next week never comes.

In reality, he has one or two workers that will show up without tools or supplies and do very little work and any work that is done is grossly wrong and eventually has to be ripped out. Examples of his deceptive works are: walls with no structural integrity, toilet drains that are undersized and flow uphill, electrical wires that are not the correct spec for the application, drain and vent lines that are undersized, etc. To prolong his scam, he hides the bogus work behind sheetrock or under concrete. When he thinks he has gotten all the money he can from you he quits showing up, giving every excuse imaginable: relative has cancer, he is in hospital, daughter had surgery, etc. The final act of his scam is to be very remorseful and give you contacts to help work on your house and ask for a payment plan to repay your money he stole from you!!

There are various complaints and judgements against him at various levels of government and in different surrounding counties. He is very brazen and thinks he is untouchable because he hides his assets, but hopefully, soon the Harris County DA, the Brazoria County DA or the Texas Attorney General will decide we citizens have been victimized enough and put Pete Vasquez in jail where he belongs. If you have dealt with Pete (Pedro) Vasquez (DOB 11-xx-1971, address 3118 Eagles Nest Drive, LaPorte, TX 77571, phone: 832-968-5017 or 832-526-0955) or his partner in crime Charlie Greenlee (281 245 8401) please file a complaint with your local police dept and contact the Texas Attorney General: 800-621-0508 and then file a complaint online at select Consumer Protection/ File a complaint

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