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Pedro Pablo Calderón Diaz

Country United States
State Alabama

Pedro Pablo Calderón Diaz Reviews

  • Dec 29, 2020

Pedro Pablo Calderón Díaz, Ecuadorian citizen residing in Panama, with passport . Supposedly a highly respected merchant in these countries, he is nothing more than a clever con artist, myth maniac and creator of paper companies that he uses to deceive and do fictitious businesses in search of fraud. To others. Be very careful with this individual as he is covered with a halo of legality,

boasting of his multiple businesses both in Ecuador, Panama and internationally, but when requesting results he never gives them, he uses a bank certification from BBVA de Lima Peru for a very high amount that no one can certify its legality. Because it is supposedly an encrypted account. He does not own a single dollar, only his capital is in his sick mind and he uses it for his fraud.

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