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Pedro Hernandez

Country United States
State Texas
City San Marcos
Phone 512-216-1241

Pedro Hernandez Reviews

  • Oct 16, 2017

Mr. Pete "PJ" came in did a quick demolition within 2hrs and got started with layout. Started off good but things began to slide downward quickly. Noticed he was very occupied with his phone and looked a bit scatter-brain. He worked very quickly with his plumbing work (cuts were very amateurish) and sheet-rock was being left to hang with minimal nails 3-4 at most. Furthermore, the tape & float was sloppy and never finished--no paint--no nada! No tile in shower wall that holds shower head and water shut off handle. Other shower wall only went up three quarters of the way up and rest was left exposed to the elements...go figure?

Tub was not level and tile began to have bad cuts. Lost the tabs to hold shower sliding doors in place--instead we have shower doors that swing in (dangerous--got little ones that can get hurt). New toilet was left outside to the elements along with the new sink. Restroom window was left broken and wall that's adjacent to the tub was left exposed and not framed-out and hardybacked like he promised to do. What a mess!

It doesn't end there. Had handed him my credit card to get supplies for next day since he lives where the major hardware stores are... well, get this, calls me that evening and asks to use c.c. to fill his gas tank...(you're damned if you do, and you're damned if you don't)--he had planned to work that off with other work planned down the road--yeah right!

Remember that drifting in & out with phone activity--well, it turns out Mr. Pete "PJ" is under the influence of pain killers--he told me himself. Once he runs out of these little magical pills, you can be sure it's over. One other thing, he promised the job would be finished in 3 days.... we rented out a hotel for 5 days...$125/night. Well, almost three weeks later, and you guessed it--a disaster--very little done. He picked up another job just 2 days into my reno....and my reno job became an after-thought. He doesn't like hiring other hands to help him, but I hear that if he does, he'll leave them high & dry as well...what a shame!

I didn't bother calling the guy back...his work is pretty shady...I can do better with the help of Youtube...I just don't have the time, but unfortunately, I must make time now to clean up this mess. My wife is pissed and she asks why aren't I mad as hell, and all I can say is: what's the point, what's done is done, pick up the mess and move on...I don't need a heart attack to top it off.

There were red flags that I should have paid more attention to, but my trusting and his ability to make himself appear like Bob Vila; what can I say, he got me. Flag#1: no tools, or very little if any--my guess they ended up at the pawn shop to get those magic pills. Flag#2: He didn't understand what concrete anchor bolts are? Flag#3: Early signs of poor workmanship. Flag#4: Needing more $ than already agreed upon and paid for and trying to justify it by doing future work in exchange.

Finally, for anyone needing more info on this Pedro Hernandez "Pete" or "PJ": He's in his early 30's. Claims to have a wife that's 10-12 yrs older than him. Has two kids with current wife. He's about 5'7" or 5'8" Was driving a 10-15 yr old Ford Expedtion forest green with beefy 20" tires.

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