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Pearson Education Inc.

Country United States
State Minnesota
City Bloomington
Address 5601 Green Valley Drive
Phone 888-846-6948

Pearson Education Inc. Reviews

  • Dec 15, 2015

I was scheduled to take the 2nd of a series of three Association of Government Accountants exams with Pearson in October. Well before the exam was to be taken, I rescheduled my exam for January 8 at 5pm, per the instructions given on the website for rescheduling online ( I logged into my account to validate the new date and saw that I was charged for the exam and listed as a no show for the original time slot.

I figured this was a technology issue and my reschedule request had been lost or not processed or there was a computer glitch because these things happen. I emailed customer service and did not receive a response. I called customer service and was told by Daisy and Jawaun that, in other words, that I was lying and was a no show and they could not accommodate my request to reschedule my exam. I offered to show my computer history to show that I was on the date change site and they said that would not help because that doesn't prove what I was doing on the site (as if I may have been surfing the web on the Pearson site).

I am very dissatisfied with the customer service that I received. I paid for a service that I did not receive, and I, in good conscience, followed all guidelines to reschedule my exam. Jawaun said that he gets this same phone call all day every day. Maybe you all have computer issues or incompatibility with smart phones and these requests are not being processed correctly. Regardless, I am a business owner myself and would never a) accuse a paying customer of lying (in other words), or b) not accommodate a request to reschedule a service that the customer believed had been rescheduled.

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