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Pearson Assessments

Country United States
State Arizona
City Lake Havasu City
Address 1600 Acoma Boulevard West
Phone 951 674 0572

Pearson Assessments Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2020

I lost my regular job during COVID. Pearson acts like they are all that, but let me tell you, don't expect that you will be treated with respect OR kindness if you join this company. I jumped through all their hoops (oh the red tape as if you are working for the government). Tons of requirements to get through. Well there was a glitch in my application, but guess what?

When you need help there is none. NOBODY is available to answer your questions. They NEVER give you the respect of even one conversation. They will FORCE you through horrible burden of tasks to get done via email, and finally send an email telling you that you will start your job on X date, and when that date comes and goes, and nobody has said a word to you, uh oh. Looks like you don't have a job afterall.

By far THE most unprofessional work experience I've ever encountered. This business is plain heartless. If you like to be treated as a person rather than a number do not work here. If you don't care, and don't mind mundane tasks and low wages, go for it. They will treat you like dirt though, watch out. At best work here while you are trying to find your dream job!

Offered job then rudely rescinded without any explaination nor did they have any valid reason for their horrendous and insenstive behavior. Don't ever let them know that you might have some issues to discuss with them. They call all the shots, and do not give a flying bird about how you feel or what you think. Robots would be better off working at Pearson.

Pearson if you read this shame on you for treating people with such disregard and insensitivity. If I have helped just one person turn away from applying here, it's worth it. This company needs a complete overhaul in human resources. Who do you think you are engaging people like this? Shame on you Pearson Assessments.

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