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report scam

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address PO BOX 16777
Phone (888) 923-2808
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  • Mar 11, 2016

MSB claims they send you statements for which they then add astronomical fees too. It's a game if they claim to send you a statement for which you don't get and therefore don't pay they can tack on a gross fee. They do not have to prove that a statement was ever sent. So no proof of bill or burden of evidence by them is needed. You don't know about this bill until you are dragged into court. Once in court the address on the statements is an address in another state, one you have'nt lived in for over 15 years. Your registration and drivers license have your current address and have no problem getting to you. You receive and pay tolls on other vehicles but somehow this one never gets to you. Sound unjust? Sound corrupt? Sound illegal? Yet and to make matters worse our state is paying these people to do this to its residents, and our courts are carrying out and summoning residents for these fradulant billing practices. I work in medical billing and everything they have done is wrong. Our doctors and facilities have to have proof of billing. Their word that a claim was sent is not sufficient, because hundreds of times things are lost in the mail. Why is this company allowed to operate in Texas? Why are our legislators employing them (funding them)? Are they too like Hilary Clinton above the law and not held accountable?

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