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Country United States
State New York
City Rochester
Address 911 Panorama Trail S.
Phone 585-385-6666

Paychex Reviews

  • Sep 4, 2015

I am not one to write bad reviews or lamblast a company, however after several years of putting up with Paychex, my time has come. The best part of this company is their sales department. They could sell you a lake in the Mohave Desert. Unfortunately, the customer service and accounting has been abysmal. There were several occasions where employees were not paid or worse yet, were overpaid by thousands of dollars. Have you ever tried to get the taxes you pay for your employees back from the US Government?

Finally, I thought I had things straightened up with them so when a salesman came knocking to sell me their 401K services, I listened. Then I signed up. Once again I was clobbered with errors and misinformation. At this point, I have been trying to close my 401K account with them since May 2015. It has been a lesson in how to totally alienate a customer by slight of hand, outright lies and dashed hopes that it would all be over soon.

I am seriously considering a class action lawsuit against this company. If they've done this to me, I imagine there are many other consumers who have a similar story to tell.

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