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Paul Martin Tapnio

Country Philippines
City San Fernandon, Pampanga
Address 436 Chesa Street, Moras Dela Paz
Phone 614-686-6224

Paul Martin Tapnio Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2019

I was looking for an healthcare lead-source then I accidentally sent an invitation on his skype but I found it right away until he keeps on sending messages, missed calls and I am ignoring him but he didn't stop until I ask him if what data he sells.

He gave me a list of verticals and I can see the data I am looking on the list he provided until he keeps on calling me to offer, he seems nice and you won't think he is a scam. Then we had a deal I made a payment via remittance and after he claimed the money I didn't hear anything about him then I started calling him but his phone is cannot be reached until I found some reports about him that he is a scammer.

  • Aug 22, 2017

Beware of Paul and his leads for business funding or marijuana leads. Paul reached out to me on a wednesday asking if I needed him to work for our company sourcing business funding leads. After a few text messages back and forth he called me and sounded desperate for a job so I decided to be nice and offer him one after reviewing his resume. He stated that he has worked in the industry and had the ability to get us leads right away if I just gave him a chance. I did so and he sent me 5 leads the first day which seemed to be too good to be true. The next day he sent me 6 leads and on friday he sent me 2 and requested to be paid because he really needed the money to feed his family. I gave him an advance on his 1st paycheck since he did such a great job, atleast thats what I thought. I found out after speaking to the leads he sent me that he has been selling the same leads to several people in the business funding industry. He sells the same 12 leads multiple times and he swears that I was the only one he has sold them to but the clients told me otherwise. The second week working with Paul he disappeared after the second day during the week and havent been heard from since. Luckily I only paid him for 9 of the leads since they have been sold more than 5 or 6 times. Please dont fall for this like I did while trying to help someone who seemed like they were in need and not trying to be disonest. Please google paul and you will know better than I did. His leads are old and have been sold and resold but wont buy anything. Good luck

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