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Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning

Country United States
State Florida
City Ocala
Address 9, Cypress Rd Pass
Phone 1 352-236-0400

Patrick's Heating & Air Conditioning Reviews

  • Aug 5, 2019

Patrick's Heating and Air installed a new HVAC July 3, 2018. They refuse to honor the warranty and we have major problems with the installation and equipment. They refuse to even come out and look at it. We had two additional HVAC companies look at the HVAC and they were appalled at the poor installation.

Our house suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Irma in Sept 2017. The roof was replaced including all wood and trusses before the AC was installed. The interior still had extensive damage. Patrick's was aware of this and aggressively pursued the job. The estimate from Patrick's states the HVAC was destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

ALL the ceilings, insulation, lighting, etc have been replaced since the new HVAC was installed by Patrick's Heating and Air. They are using the the condition of our house as an excuse not to honor the warranty and complete the job per the contract. I have even sent them pictures showing the interior work is completed and invited their manager to come to our house and see that in person. He refused.

The A/C froze up. Called Patrick's Heating and Air and they again refused to service the unit. I paid another AC company $210, to install a new thermostat May 7, 2019 (within the one year complete warranty period per Florida law and my contract) My husband has COPD and a working AC is vital to his health.

The unit is leaking badly and called another highly rated HVAC Co July 22, 2019, to see if they could stop the leak. The technician said the unit needed to be removed and re-installed at a cost of $1,800, but advised seeking a legal remedy. They only charged for a service call -$69.00, Patrick's was given a list of the 3 documents they needed to submit to receive funds from the insurance company.

They were aware of this upfront and offered to install the unit as long as I had proof their contract was approved. I supplied that and a list of what was needed the day of installation. (7/3/2018). I attempted to get the required documentation from them many times. August 22, 2018, I received 2 of the documents.

One of the documents was completed incorrectly. Sent them a new document and told them what they needed to correct. Again, at least a month later received the document completed incorrectly. In the mean time, Patrick's was threatening me with a law suit for non payment. They could not seem to understand the money was being held in escrow and they were holding the payment up.

Finally in December 2017, they completed a third Contractor's affidavit correctly and received a check for the amount one half of the job. They refused to complete the job and funds are still being held in escrow for them. We are senior citizens and living in the conditions due to Hurricane Irma and dealing with insurance, contractors, etc has been beyond stressful.

The attitude of Patrick's Heating and Air with regard to blaming us for the condition of our house is inhumane. Honor their warranty and make repairs as required to stop the leak and correct the improper installation.

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