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Pathway Center For Psychotherapy

Country United States
State Georgia
City Norcross
Address 4530 S Berkeley Lake Rd NW
Phone 1 770-446-5642

Pathway Center For Psychotherapy Reviews

  • Apr 4, 2021

Robert P Roney, Dan Macke, and Susan L Bower provide terrible service. I have a mild case of anxiety and needed a new therapist. My former therapist had to meet prior authorization requirements that detailed me attending therapy sessions. Dan Macke was my initial intake person. He sat with a frown on his face. And had moments of just staring at my lips. I thought he was just deep in thought using critical thinking skills.

Later I received an email that explained he did not listen nor did he read my paperwork. I replied stating I needed anxiety medication, a group session, and a new therapist. Dan referred me to a group session with Robert P Roney. I was not even given the respect of what the group focus was until I signed papers and arrived for my first session.

Robert explained that the session will focus on interpersonal connections. It took a few weeks for the group pretenders to reveal that they are just out to satisfy egos with pillow talk. The group aimed for ideas such as "date the therapist", "what will you do if I care for you" and "intimacy among other group members." The rules I was given stated we are not to carry on relationships outside of group sessions. They voted to cancel a group day because they felt Dan was too incompetent to carry out the group himself. The last straw was Dan Macke and Robert Roney fabricated my history. Just lied to the group to get a reaction out of me.

I corrected Robert and Dan and ended attending the poisonous group session. Unfortunately, Dan does not have any respect for individuals and therefore days later forgot. Saying that the record needed to be corrected. Simply admitting that he wanted to gossip about me to a group session I no longer attended. He further explained that I now established that I can walk into a group of white people and in the end, nothing will happen to me.

Susan L Bower at first appeared to be well thought out. I had reached out to explain that I like thousands became laid off due to the coronavirus and needed to know the exact cost of service. To my surprise, they charged my debit card twice. My bank statements showed the charges on two different days. And they do not have a way to reverse the charge and place the money back on a card. Just highway robbery! I ended up having to drive up to the place and pick up a written check.

Robert P, Roney, Dan Macke, and Susan L Bower are a sad group of old people. An individual with anxiety should not be treated like how I was treated. If you are a victim of a high-level sociopath just drive right on by this building of enabler ego pretenders located in Norcross Ga.

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