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Parts Geek, LLC

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Marlton
Address 50 South Maple Ave Suite 100

Parts Geek, LLC Reviews

  • Jun 18, 2020 Return policy is "No Hassle" with a return materials authorization (RMA). However, I have sent numerous emails to customer service asking for a return with no response. Another internet company that takes your money and runs. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SAVE MONEY WITH PARTSGEEK.COM. YOU'LL HAVE TO BUY IT FROM ANOTHER DEALER SO KEEP THAT IN MIND BEFORE ORDERING.

  • May 16, 2020

I ordered a part for a crew cab truck. I clearly ordered the correct part as the picture they showed was the one I needed. They then sent me a part for an extended cab or super cab truck. They said they could not then replace it with the correct one since they were out of stock of the part I needed. They then charged me shipping for returning the item and have yet to get a refund of any kind.

  • Sep 10, 2019

Bought a clutch master cylinder from them on Ebay auction #392125830997 less than 90 days later and less than 200 miles use the part failed so I notified them. Part sold 6/21/19 received 6/26 and installed 7/4/19. Wrote to them more than 7 letters since part failed 9/9/19. Vehicle now completely disabled. Cherry wrote there was "nothing they could do". No offers of any remeidation at all.

I searched their site that offered a 1 year warranty and she refused in multiple letters to acknowledge any responsibility for the parts failure nor any remediation at all. Most letters were not even responded too. This company should be sanctioned as they have hundreds of complaints with the BBB and more than a thousand negative feedbacks with Ebay too.

Grossly irresponsible and they Flaunt IT! No offer even to send packaging for the defective part to be sent back. Their offer buy another and then return at your cost after we caused you this havoc.

  • Dec 17, 2018



We ordered two wheels for a cutomers car and one wheel showed up and the other didnt. I contaced them and they said give it more time.

I said you sent both wheels from the same place at the same time why is one here and one not a week later?

You can only email and they take 24-48 hours to reply and they only reply with one or two sentence standard scripts. They never adress your particular issue.

I could not get an answer from them so I contacted UPS and they informed me the seller only supplied a shipping authorization for one of the boxes and not the other one so the package was stiil in Charlotte NC.

I contacted them via email again and 24-48 hours later i get a one sentence reply that I need to wait longer and track it.

I sent them a reply telling them the problem with the label and they reply 24-48 hours later that they have 10 business days and I need to wait.

I reply again and 24-48 hours later I get reply that they will open an investigation and get back to me in 30 days when that is completed.

I reply that I want a refund asap and I 24-48 hours later I get a reply saying the came thing and no mention of the refund.

I lost my customers account and they are livid and I do not blame them.

Parts Geek is a joke. BEWARE!!! they take your money up front and could care less if or when you gey your parts or if they made a mistake.

Mistakes happen i get that buts it how you respond and rectify the situation that make the difference. We have been harmed by this company and I srongly suggest you buy your parts somwhere else.



  • Apr 30, 2018

I worked for this company know how they work they sell cheep parts and dont give refunds they make the auto parts buss look bad

  • Mar 21, 2018

I was sent the wrong part for my BMW and when it was proven that the part was not to spec and would not fit my car they told me I would get a call tag. When I called back a week later they said the guy that told me he was sending out the call tag does not work there any more than I needed to send pictures of the part and I showed why the part was wrong they said yes we know it was their fault and would send me an email with the call tag on the part. It is now 45 days into this mess and they still have not sent the call tag or responded to an email sent on the matter. Still waiting for that email or call tag that was promised on 4 different phone calls that seem to have new employees answering the phone every time. Since then I have filed a complaint with the BBB in the state they are doing business with. dragged the return out long enough that I could not do a chargeback on my card. Reason of review: Not as described. Monetary Loss: $65. Preferred solution: Full refund. I didn't like the Whole thing. I would not suggest this website to my worst enemy.

  • Nov 20, 2017

They are scam artists and they use sub standard shipping companies like fed ex

  • Aug 22, 2017

First, let me just start with saying they sent incomplete tracking numbers for 5 packages. At first, I only received 2 in a shipment marked "2 pieces" and couldn't not track the rest with Fed Ex because ALL of the packages had the exact same tracking number that was emailed to me from PartsGeek shipping. The result was "Delivered".

If you have an order/service question or issue, you can only fill out an online form. ONLY ONCE. (they link it to your email address). You cannot talk to a human (unless you call a sales agent and beg for help).

I ordered, among other things, control arms with ball joints for my Element. (They arrived 2 days after the 1st shipment on a Fri nite before my Saturday install appointment).

PartsGeek catalog clearly states "Features: ball joints and bushings included for a complete installation, saving time and labor (where applicable)."

Guess what?? No ball joints! I was already at the shop for scheduled repair and had to pay retail upcharge for ball joints.

Was totally stuck with car half apart. Didn't save time, and cost me more money.

Parts Geek response:

"None of the control arms for your vehicle come with ball joints as the vehicle manufacturer only sells the ball joints separate so that is how they come in the aftermarket. The listing stated with ball joint and bushing(where applicable) but it's not applicable for your vehicle since they are not sold that way."

Say what?!?! "Not applicable"??? NOWHERE on the description or website is there a list of applicable vehicles. Honda Elements really DO have ball joints. I promise!

You can go look up the part yourselves:

2003-2011 Honda Element Control Arm #W0133-1839636. It clearly states "With Ball Joints"

What a bunch of SUMBAGS!!!

  • May 10, 2017

I ordered a radiator from partsgeek,the radiator I selected has a core depth of 1 11/16 inches according to their web site. My OEM radiator had a depth of 1 1/2 inches, soI wanted radaitor with the sameor larger core.The Radiator they sent me was of a smaller core. They alsomade me wait a week to receive this part. I could have purched the smaller radiator forlessmoney,but I wanted alarge core soIpaid forabigger coreradiator.Iinstalledthe one they sent because I needed my truck fixed. I email partsgeek customer service and asked for a credit forthe different in price of the radiators. That was a big waste of time. I willno longer order any moreitemsfromthis vendor. Also ifyou do want to return a wrong item they make you pay for return shippment,even if it's their fault!

  • Oct 27, 2016

This company refuses to help me with cheaper shipping via a bulk rate they get on a 84 dollar part usps wants 59. I was willing to pay the shipping at there rate to get a better deal but they will not help me. They were rude and cut me off when I asked to speak to a supervisor who never called me back as promised. On top of it there website was misleading and other sites take you to the exact right parts when you enter make and model.They said I order a manual trans axle instead of an automatic. That was true but I still need the right part. Solara SLE models only come in Automatics. Why was a SL model on the same page as an SLE? Do they drag women around by there hair too? Stone Age website. So it is my fault and I still can t ship this back until I win the lotto. Bull pucky. Avoid this company when ordering parts. They dodge you like your playing dodge ball or something.

  • Aug 11, 2016

My package was supposed to arrive Aug 1st. After numerous emails a missing package claim with filed on Aug 8th. I was told that within 30 days I'll get a refund or receive my package. No immediate refund or replacement part was offered. After written a review I was told it would be resolved by the end of the day. Still waiting.

  • Jun 25, 2016

I order a bumper for my 2015 Explorer XLT and the part they told me after I received that was for a sport or limited, and in the site it says all Explorer have all 3 models as using this part and the pic was exactly the same as the part I need it. also the part shows reg explorer, sport, and limited. so it was the one I needed but afyer taking the part to the installer he told me that was diferent and partsgeek tells me that was for sport and limited while the site says all three models. and they do not want to pay for return the part for a refund and i am not the first that this happen.

  • Dec 19, 2015

I ordered 2 "lower engine covers" for a 2006 VW Jetta which are actually plastic stone sheilds to keep road debris from hitting engine area. After climbing under car and removing the original I found that the partsgeek parts WERE NOT FOR MY CAR!! They were 10 inches too narrow and in NO WAY would fit my car nor any other 2006 VW to my knowledge.

UPS wanted $70 dollars for return shipping and PartsGeek at fault would NOT send pre-paid shipping label. Cost of the "origianl parts" was $57.

This store is ran by dishonest idiots!! Ripoff to the 10th power.

I appealed to my credit card company and they removed the charge but later after some "lie" from PartsGeek I was charged again. It is still under dispute.

  • Dec 3, 2015

I placed a parts order for my car totaling $1151.10. I never received the parts so far. I started emailing about the issue. They acknowledged receipt of the parts back at their warehouse. However, they have only refunded me $772.60 and they kept the rest stating that we charge restocking fees. They still owe me $378.50. This also included core charges for parts they never refunded back to me as of yet. They do not provide any manager you can talk to escalate the issue. A guy named LEE called me today disclosing himself as a call center manager and that he is "THE BIG BOSS" in the company. There is no one else above him. He also told me that I will not get anywhere trying to contact anyone else about the refund issue and then he hung up on me.

  • Oct 29, 2015

I ordered a LH Rear fender bracket for my 2010 Nissan Altima. They sent me a RH Rear Fender Bracket. I attempted to request an RMA via phone and website. I called at least 10X and no ever picked up the phone. Online their Cust service page would not accept the capcha text.

I sent the part back without an RMA. Now they want to charge me a 10% restocking fee for a return that was clearly their error.

I also requested the shipping costs be returned to me since it was their error. They refused to return the shipping costs.

Stay as far away from them as you can. You will get burned by them and they do not give a sh**.

  • Aug 18, 2015

The Geeks advertised the part on their website. I ordered that part and paid for shipping. The Geeks sent me a different part. I paid to return the non-conforming part the geeks sent me. Then the Geeks charged me a restocking fee and did not refund my the shipping charges. Total cost to me over $30.00. I was ripped off by the Parts Geeks!

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