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Parks Buick GMC

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Greenville
Address 2640 Laurens Rd
Phone 1 864-568-7276

Parks Buick GMC Reviews

  • Apr 5, 2021

UNBELIEVABLY AWFUL (attempt at) PURCHASE EXPERIENCE! I have price alerts for [loads of specific criteria] for a full-size SUV I’ve been searching for, on and off for well over a year. After a price drop triggered my Autotrader alerts, I quickly called and spoke with a sales associate to purchase the vehicle (2015 GMC Yukon XL Denali). I verified THIS SPECIFIC vehicle’s VIN specs, pictures & details on SIX different websites (CarGurus, Edmunds, and 3 different “Parks Auto Group” sites.)

Sales rep (Hunter) took my call (within minutes of the alert), and after a verbal agreement for full-price, he agreed to remove the “for sale” sign, and said we’d finish paperwork in the morning (just closed minutes earlier; Thurs). I told him I’ve had multiple people break promises to me in the past over similar vehicles (including being in transit with cash for pick up, multiple times) and told him how upset I’d be if other offers were taken or the vehicle was sold, after my full price offer was taken.

I continued to follow purchasing procedures, as I have countless times in the past: (financing approval from Cap1/Chase, add to insurance, schedule DMV appt; booked for weeks out, etc). That evening (still seeing the vehicle advertised on multiple partnering sites) I made an inquiry online and received communication from another sales rep (Priscilla) who said “the vehicle is still available”. I replied to both her and Hunter, reiterating that I already made a full-price agreement to purchase.

Fast forward to day 2: I get a call back from Hunter saying “Apologies, my manager said we actually can’t ‘hold’ the vehicle for you (while waiting for financing, pickup, etc). To this I stated: “No problem! I can pay it cash, in-full!“. Then I’m told “Actually, the vehicle was priced wrong and can’t be sold.” BULL CRAP!! I asked to speak with the manager giving that info (lot Mgr; Steve) who went on to tell me “it also hasn’t been through our inspection/service center yet.” WTH?! WHY IS IT LISTED ON 6 SITES?

Not letting up, I’m promised a call back from a later that day (Fri) with findings and a price. I received an SMS text message at 6PM EST from GSM (Cedrick) saying a personal matter came up, and he’d call out to me tomorrow. I was displeased at this, but still agreed to wait (more). I sent a detailed message response to Cedrick proposing scheduled times, but after not getting anything set in stone, simply coordinated a time window for me calling back (Sat @ 6PM EST).

The 48-hour wait for the call from Cedrick (the Service Manager of the Buick/GMC office) was a HUGE WASTE OF TIME. After asking his findings, he stated simply “I don’t know what you’re wanting - I just know what I can sell the car for…“. He gave only excuses to my (multiple) mentions over-promise / under-delivery. (NOTE: He never stated a price on the call; not once!). He then goes on to repeatedly bellow: “READ THE T&C’S ON OUR WEBSITE!” before stating “No need to call me back; AMERICAN DREAM!” and HUNG UP THE PHONE ON ME! (This is a Service Mgr?!)

I called back to another one of (the 6) Parks Auto Group dealerships, voiced my need for an escalation, and requested an email for an administrator. I was provided with 2 emails, and was told they were top-level officials. I cc’d them an 8-paragraph play-by-play of the four representatives, sent 2 LIVE screen/voiceover captures of the sites on Loom video recordings, and requested AGAIN to purchase the vehicle for full-price. This was EOD Saturday.

I received no responses later Saturday, and offices are closed Sundays. However, it did show the video recordings were watched; so at least someone is monitoring (although not acknowledging). Since this wasn’t resolved, it flowed into Monday morning. The call back was from Kevin, the GM of the location with the vehicle in question; also the immediate supervisor to Cedrick (prior). Kevin was more professional, and said he’d follow later in the day, following an inspection and assessment of the vehicle.

Within a few hours, I received some photos from Kevin (of light cosmetic damage on a front fender) for disclosure - I affirmed the damage was minimal/not a concern (I’d happily take it un-fixed). Kevin followed up a couple hours later and stated - “So, the vehicle didn’t pass our inspection, isn’t worth it to us to repair/resell, and we’re not willing to sell it through the dealership w/a guarantee.” To this my response was “FINE. I have a DEALER’S LICENSE and will purchase it AS-IS, IN CASH!“. Kevin plainly refused.

(Keep in mind I’m 96+ hours into this project):

I’m now escalated to the COO of the Parks Auto Group - Larry Phelps. Larry was certainly the most professional Official I spoke to, and I told him from the start that ‘I was gracious for his time, and apologized it had to reach him’. We both reiterated 30 minutes of talking points, and Larry promised an answer/price before end of day. GREAT!

Larry promptly reached out to me later with his findings/offer in compromise, which was as follows: “ OK Ryan, so the ACV (actual cash value) of this SUV is ~$28K. That stated, it didn’t pass our inspection, and we aren’t interested in repairing/recertifying it. Our cash offer (using my dealers license) would be $26,800.00”. Goes on to iterate: “It simply doesn’t make sense for us to sell it to you (for less), when it can sell for more (undisclosed of problems) at auction”. [Isn’t that - SO ETHICALLY S#!++Y - after all this NONSENSE?!]

What a LOAD OF BULL$#!+. ! (One of my business mentors is an nationally acclaimed industry sales training Professional - and after reading/listening/reviewing to my points (jointly), he advised me to SUE THEM! Epic - I wish I had the time). Here’s the bottom-line about Parks Auto Group, out of the Carolina’s:

BAIT & SWITCH - FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Listed price is “haven’t cleared inspections, can’t be held, don’t take deposits, price isn’t correct…” TOTAL FRIGGIN’ JOKE!! 5 reps made 20+ excuses, countless apologies, gate-guarded by three STUPERvisors , and wasted over 4.5 hours in total, over a five day period. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY - DIRTY ROTTEN $$$ TACTICS!!

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