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Park Barrington

Country United States
State Illinois
City Barrington
Address 516 Park Barrington Way
Phone 847 287 1963

Park Barrington Reviews

  • Apr 16, 2019

The Ultimate Con-Artist.

Psychopath, newly defined by the Oxford dictionary of the English language Sandy Hagan.

Twitter corporate actually decided to violate its own non-intervention policy to classify Sandy as poisonous, - a new form of toxicity designed to deceive, defraud and harm humanity.

According to sources Sandy preys on the wealthy indiscriminately. She seduces men and women, but prefers wealthy elderly men, ideally, cognitively impaired and extremely rich. A list of her victims is lengthy and most do not survive the affair or their engagement to Sandy. She usually maintains half a dozen relationships simultaneously to increase the chances in her elaborate scheme to ultimately control her victims estate.

Sandy secured her first serious fortune by seducing an elderly man twenty years her senior, executive for a company in which she worked as a part-time salesman not an executive then quickly married him. Unfortunately, for him and his children Sandy acted quickly changing his Will to benefit her and non of his children, controlling the trust funds, transferring assets into her name and controlling the estate.

Adding insult to injury Sandy sociopathic behavior includes transmitting the Herpes virus to as many men as possible.

According to sources Sandy falsifies medical reports in her scheme to infect men prior to the affair, and if the men are thorough, after the affair when the first symptoms of the Herpes virus appears.

Men which believed Sandy’s ‘act,’ and she is renowned for her acting skills, the thorough men, the men that she offered fictitious ‘STD’ analysis to prior to intercourse are pursuing Sandy Hagan in courts from Michigan to Texas.

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