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Paramount Property Management

Country United States
State Idaho
City Meridian
Address 943 W Overland Rd #149
Phone 1 208-333-7767

Paramount Property Management Reviews

  • Feb 19, 2021

Paramount Property Management made my daughter’s first experience on her own an absolute nightmare. She sublet a duplex and the move-in condition was not what was expected or promised. It was not clean, though they claimed it was, but the move-in pictures proved otherwise, and several other items also needed attention. It was like pulling teeth to get any help and most items did not get fixed as Paramount deemed that they did not make the unit un-inhabitable.

The security deposit was not returned when promised and we had to call to have that sent. (The check and mailing label had been ready for 2 weeks, prior to my call.) We ended up taking them to Small Claims Court for several items, including that the security deposit wasn’t returned within the 30 day time limit, and won. After the 30 days, when the settlement was due from Paramount, just like the situation with the security deposit, we had to call and have it sent. Communication from this company is poor and their follow-through is just as bad, I have several phone calls that were never returned. Paramount blamed the late checks on the property owner but once I called, the checks were released and sent the same day.

Paramount also has lots of fees so read your lease carefully! One ridiculous fee they had was that the tenants are responsible to clean the gutters (this was a two story unit). With that being said, Paramount had the gutters cleaned, without the tenants permission, and then tried to bill them for it. They also tried to charge for re-keying 4 doors but there were only 3 doors that required a key.

Beware and do your research before dealing with Paramount.

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