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Paramount Live Express

Country United Kingdom
State England
City Aberdeen
Address 9 Chapel Street
Phone 614-859-5739

Paramount Live Express Reviews

  • Dec 16, 2015

A lady named Lisa is online selling a dog that is not even real. She is going to tell you that she will have the puppy sent to you and uses that paramount thing. After sending her the money she wouldn't release the dog to me. There is a guy that is working with her to help carry out this plan.

  • Dec 4, 2015

Paramount Live Express is a fake company. I contacted a supposed private seller using the name Brendalyn Morgan about purchasing a bulldog puppy via an ad she had placed. Payment was sent for the puppy and I then received a confirmation email from this company stating the puppy had been received and was being prepped for shipment.

Another email followed soon after receiving a text from the supposed seller about a problem with the shipping crate. The company email wanted me to rent an electronic shipping crate for an extra $780 that would be refunded upon delivery. I texted the seller to say that I could not afford to pay this and would make arrangements to come pick up the puppy in person. The seller agreed to pay the fee for the crate and all was allegedly well.

I received a flight plan email from the company detailing a connecting flight and that the puppy would be delivered the next afternoon. The following morning, I received a text from the seller asking if I had heard anything from the company about the transit. Lo and behold, another email from the supposed company had just appeared stating that a vet had examined the puppy during the connecting flight lay over and I needed to pay $590 for health insurance for the puppy to be released for the flight to me.

At this point, my husband began calling the number listed on the paramount live express website only to have the phone answered by a person with an East Indian accent who barely spoke english. He was hung up on twice when asking to speak to a manager. Not exactly what you would expect from a " family owned company from Bryan, TX" as it claims on the website.

It is my opinion that the supposed seller and the person who established this website and one in the same or either they are working together. My hope is that this message keeps anyone else from being misled and scammed as I was.

Also beware any postings for puppies for sale from anyone using the name Debralyn Morgan. Phone number 915-229-6078.

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