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Paragon Casino Resort

Country United States
State Louisiana
City Marksville
Address 711 Paragon Pl
Phone 1 800-946-1946

Paragon Casino Resort Reviews

  • Jul 20, 2018

I went on a bus tour to paragon casino...we iniatially complained about our "reserved" room we had specifically asked for a handicapped room w/ 2 double beds and a walk in shower non-smoking...upon arriving to the casino they could not accomodate so they gave us in a smokey room mildew and carpet stains no hot water and a high rise kingsize was that or nothing! we did'nt realize that security had been watching us all day..on the first fullday of the trip I was approached by a security guard that wanted to talk to he lead me down to a "green room" where I was locked in..I asked him what this was all about..he was pretty much mum..stupid look on his face shortly thereafter the police arrived..and began to read me the miranda rights..and started to question me..about a missing wallet..I told him the wallet I had belonged to my fellow traveller and that I had given it back to her..he continued to bash me and I told him no more questions...he (pietrite) from avoyells pd...continued the bashing..accusing me of stealing my fellow travel companion verified the wallet was hers...then he came up with some bs about a different wallet ..they went onto the gaming floor found my companion read her the miranda rights and started in on her..they told her that I had gone into the restroom went thru a wallet removed the $$ and put it $in my bra..said the cameras in the restroom and watched me.per pietrite...which is more bs..I thought we had a right to privacy when we went to the toilet..Paragon is a big casino througout the day I went to several restrooms I am a handicapped senior..

Pietrite continued to bash whence I had told him several times no more questions...he thought he could piss me off and I would blurt something out..hard to do when you don't know what they are talking about....he did piss me off but I still did'nt answer his questions..I thought when you told the no more questions they were(suppose to stop badgering you..yet he continued...when I would'nt answer he said ok stand up hands behind your I'm going put yours in the front.(.cause I can barely walk.) took me..out of the casino in a wheelchair..The walk of shame.. and refused to remove the cuffs so I could get in the patrol car..I have joint replacement..It was almost impossible to get in the car..which had to be over a 100 degrees no ac...rolled up windows..nearly passed out from the down to the sally port at pd quarters..he gets out leaves me in the car..goes inside..the building ..about 10 minutes later a male sgt comes out w/a wheelchair to take me inside..where Pietrite came in to badger me somemore..I was place in holding where I spent the next 3 or so hours...eventually I was booked in..and told of the charge printed photo'd ..sent back to the holding traveling companion arrived about 2 hours later..bailed me out..and we went back to the casino from which I had been barred from by the gaming commission..but the manager allowed me "sleep" there overnite.....we left early the next morning..

I feel like as an handicapped person..being treated in this manner being followed around by security harassed having cameras watching me use the toilet.. confined in a locked room was a violation of my rights...Now I have to go back to Marksville and answer to charges 800 miles round trip..I don't think this casino should be exempt from being sued for these infractions..Tribal or otherwise..these are a bunch of sorry b*******..

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