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Paradise Home Improvement

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Fort Mill
Address 3651 Centre Cir
Phone 844-707-9108

Paradise Home Improvement Reviews

  • Feb 4, 2021

I WAS a customer of Dixie Home Crafters in 2010...aka Gutter Guard...aka Gutter Guardian. They did my gutter system and windows. Now when I did the work with these guys they promised me that they would ALWAYS be around if anything ever happened to my stuff, and where are they now? NO WHERE, THAT'S WHERE!

I used a service to get me some bids on some gutter work and an estimate on some windows. As soon as I signed up for it, my phone exploded. I got calls from all kinds of companies offering me bids on windows, gutters, and for some things I didn't even need, but that's a whole other story all together. So Dixie came out, and gave me a HIGH PRESSURE, arm twisting, gut wrenching bid, which took almost 4 1/2 hours to do. I mean, it was getting so late that the possums on my tree outside, knocked on my door, and told ME it was time for bed. After I finally got the estimate, he sat me down at my dinner table, and told me he would get me a great price if I signed right now. Now, my momma always told me, that only 2 kinds of people will ask you for that much money right now, that's hookers and drug dealers. I didn't realize I was going to be dealing with either one of those types until I ran into them. After much debating back and forth with myself. I decided against it. So you think they'd be done right...nope. They called me 2 days later, and said that they could give me a better price. They would send out a manager, and he would be able to get me a better price, so I said why not. I like saving money just as much as the next guy. Low and behold, they gave a really good price, so I decided to take it. They came out, installed everything, and it seemed everything was going to be great. I got new gutters and covers, new windows, and I even had a new woman in my life. Well that's where the good stuff stopped. The windows that were installed started to fall apart, and I haven't saved a d**n penny on my power bill as they promised I would. They don't fit right, and I wish that I would have said something to the guy that came out to install them. The gutters were overshooting, and none of the water that was supposed to go in my gutters made it in there, but rather made it all over the side of my house. I called in and they said that someone would come out to look at the problems... except no one ever did. 10 phone calls later, and yet no one still showed up. All these promises don't mean anything if you can't fix the problems that you caused. Well I would wait a little bit, and call, and then wait a little more, and call back...and so on. Well come to find out that in 2012 these guys are no longer in business, but rather no longer in business as DIXIE HOME CRAFTERS. They are however in business as PARADISE HOME IMPROVEMENT. It's funny how they say they can't help me because I'm a customer of their old company, well they can help me, but will charge me a boat load of money to do so. Now, I'm sure you are all asking yourselves, how does he know it's the same company? Well the guy who originally gave me the speech thanking me for doing work for his company is the guy I talked to on the phone who told me that they can't fix my problem, JEFF BECKER. This lying sack of s*[email protected]! He starts yelling at me about how they are not the same company and he can't help me, but oddly enough, you are at the same address, with the same phone number, with the same employees, and the only thing that has changed is the name?

I decided to get some people to help me find out what I could do. The more I dug, them more stuff I found out about this company. They were once a company called Dixie Home Crafters, they got bought out by another company called Goense. That company basically just buys already existing companies. The head of that group goes by the name of Erik Bloom. If you look at this companies portfolio, they have many companies like Dixie Home Crafters, or Paradise Home Improvement. They basically drive it into the ground and then open another company and tell the poor people that got work done from them, that they can't help them. Paradise Home Improvement is run by a guy named Joe Schuette, who is probably in bed with this Erik Bloom guy. He was one of the owners of Dixie Home Crafters. You see how all these pieces to the puzzle fit together now. If you want a company to come install your stuff, and never be able to help you out, go with them. Now I've learned my lesson. Will you learn yours? DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY THE H**L AWAY! You can look at their website and see it for yourselves.

  • Apr 22, 2019

I do not care how many reports come in about this company because I know what they did to me. Paul Redman came by to see us and show us what he had. The windows in the 2 pane we did not want or like. He then show us 1 small 3 pane whole window and we fell in love with that window. We told him that is what we wanted.What was wrote up on our order was 2 -double hung windows for the front of the house as well as a 1-3 slider ,2 pane, ERG Glass,Screens beige in color. We also order gutter guard covering for the front gutters as well as the back one. There was no name for the company that was to be paid. The price came to $9,868.00. When the bill came that I was paying off, it was from Time Investment.The next bill was written up for 5 double hung. 1- two-lite slider to be beige in 2-pane, ERG glass, screens. Windows go in following locations: 2-double hungs in bedroom,2-double-hung in bedroom, 1-double hung in bathroom, 1-two-slider in bedroom,.Paradise is to haul away all trash, which they did. all of the cost of this was $9,122.00. Company was written up as Aqua but when I paid the bill off it was Connexus-CU. I signed the paper that he gave me but he was in a hurry and ou had no time to read what you were signing. In fact I never read the papers. That is how you do what you want to, to old people.

  • Jun 27, 2018

After a high pressure sales tactic to me a senior citizen, I called the Manager Larry La belle and asked for a refund, that I had changed my mind. He stated I could not. (legally I could)

He assured me that the gutter guards were great and I could personally call him if there was a problem. And that they had a lifetime guarantee.

I subsequently called several times when I noticed the guards were clogged, where was a lifetime guarantee? When I finally got hold of a salesman he told me they dropped the product because there were too many problems, and he gave me a number to call.

I called the number and left many messages. To know avail. This past December the wood paneling on my house started to rot from water damage. I had water in my basement. It cost me so far $2,500. and I have not been able to complete repairs.

This is a fraudulant product. The salespeople were rude, and untruthful about not letting me obtain a refund within 24 hours of signing the contract. And most importantly they are selling a product with a lifetime guarantee which is pure fraud!

  • Apr 23, 2016

Im being fired from this company as we speak for no reason im one of the best employees id like to know more im getting my lawyers involved and would like everyones help taking this company down my name is josh daniels and ive lost my house and everything still made it to work everyday busted my *** made the company almost $100,000 in the past month alone and all I do is set the appointments but because the manager hates me and says im a failure and owes me money for each sale tomorrow is my last day guess they dont want a hard working honest employee and just as I got to this page I just found some things out they are not backed by the BBB just checked someone help.

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