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Pappas & Associates

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 930 Woodcock Road
Phone 407-648-2555

Pappas & Associates Reviews

  • Jun 21, 2020

Don't you just love attorneys that prey on the fear of their clients? This guy is the master of such a practice. I picked him out of the yellow pages...(big mistake!) and believed his sales pitch.....(which he has down pat!) He told me he could "undoubtedly" have an IRS tax lien lifted within 3 to 4 weeks because he knew "the IRS guys in Jacksonville that were in charge of that sort of thing on a first name basis!" "Don't you worry, just put $2500.00 on your charge card and we'll get them off your back!"

Having told him my horror story about being ripped off by J.K. Harris for around $5000.00 he even promised he had many clients that had a similar experience and that he was quite successful in obtaining "at least a partial....(around half), refunds for his clients!" Of course that didn't happen! That would have just been iceing on the cake!

Well needless to say I got no cake! I got mud in my eye with this jerk big time! One year later, after around 50 phone calls, most unreturned, because he pretends to always be in a meeting. (I think he spend most of his time at another office/location, in Tampa, I believe.) In reality, he hardly does any tax law anymore, he mostly works with illegal immigrants, who else? If any "victim" would be easier prey than someone scared of the IRS, it would be an illegal immigrant looking for someone to trust that could keep them here in Central Florida!

Anyway, I kindly requested a refund after he admitted he could do nothing for me, and he went all beligerant on me, with threats and everything! Bring it on Peter Pappas! are a WORM of the worst kind! "Vengence is mine, thus sayeth the Lord!" Good luck "B.S."ing HIM!


Orlando, Florida


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