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Panther Trails CDD

Country United States
State Florida
City Tampa
Address 12750 Citrus Park Lane Suite 115
Phone 813-933-5571

Panther Trails CDD Reviews

  • Nov 13, 2017

Homeowner Frank Greer and this family has been victim of fraudulent charges and fees by CARRIAGE POINTE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION/REALMANAGE and its disgrace lawyer DANIEL PILKA of Pillka Associates to indebt homewoner to steal his property.

In a conspiracy to defraud homeonwers, specially targeling Latino and Black community at Tampa city, CARRIAGE POINTE and Daniel Pilka place lien on MR. Greeer's property based on work done in his property that never was performed or done. Fraudulent charging of Mantainace lawnscaping for $ 4,000.00. its not HOA responsibility to clean private property, other than commun area. HOA has failed to validate those charge or demostrate they reality did the job. Bank of America, servicing bank was taking care of the property, billing the homeowner for the service at the same time.

On 2013 Mr. Greer got discharge by a Bankrupty Court of all debts.

CARRIAGE POINTE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION/REALMANAGE and its attorney DANIEL PILKA, refused to comply with the discharge. All false charge were wipe out by the bankruptcy discharge.

Playing game with account, HOA remove partially the amount discharged, but at same time, later added more than $2,000 dollar to the account to continue harassing and retaliating homeonwers.

On 2014 judge Karyl E. Delano order attorney DANIEL PILKA to remove and clear Mr. Greer account to 0, the amount discharge. CARRIAGE POINTE COMMUNTY ASSOCIATION/ REALMANAGE and DANIEL PILKA of PILKA ASSOCIATES continue violation the order of the discharge, indebting homeowner with finance charge, attorney fees, late fees and other strange and suspicious charges.

Also, CARRIAGE POINTE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION/ REALMANAGE and its lawyer DANIEL PILKA committed the crime of Identity Theft agaisnt Mr. Greer's wife and chlidren. DANIEL PILKA opened a ficticious account against Ms. Greer and children, that failed to validate, according records record in official record of Hillsborough County in Tampa Florida (Notice of Verification Debt and removal of Lien Instru#2017096576) book 25351 PG:1198 PGS:1198-1207 dated 11/08/2017.

Attorney DANIEL PILKA has been illegally playing the game to mislead homeowner as COLLECITION AGENCY AND ATTONEY for the HOA, without being register as COLLECTOR AGENCY at Floridad

CARRIAGE POINTE AND ITS LAWYER DO NOT FOLLOW ANY RULE OF CONSUMER PROTETION. THIS MAFIA do not respect State Law or Federal Law. Their sole intention is to defraud homeowner and steal homeowners property

In a new campaing of Intimidating, opression and harassing Mr. Greer and his Familly DANIEL PILKA on behald of CARRIAGE POINTE/REALMANAGE were targeted with a Lawsuit to foreclose, to enforce Lien Mr. Greer property based those fraudulent charges, Case #17-CC-043479 dated November 1, 2017.

Prior of the complaint on October 4, 2017 disgrace attoney DANiel PILKA placed new set of charges (ATTORNEY FEES) for 2,880.00 for supposed attorney fees in relaition to anwering Ms. Greer Notice of Valiation Debts and Dispute of Statement Account. Also, this charges include Attorney fees in relation of Motion submitted to court on a dismissed case of foreclosure back to 2014.

DANIEL PILKA criminal action to defraud homeowner Mr. Greer and his family obvious, draging the family into a legal battle field. DANIEL PILKA AND HOA intended to legalize the fraud in Court and disprive Mr. Greer financially.

DANIEL PILKA AND CARRIAGE POINTE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION/ REALMANAGE consitute a MAFIA to steal homeowners property. More over, the HOA legally advise by Daniel Pilka has amended the communty Declaration to ripoff homeowner and take contral of people property. Under the new declaration homeonwer that not right over their property. They are the owner of homeonwer property. the dicided when that take over on property ownership, with those fraudulent activities to indebt homeowners properties.

Board Director have never give Mr. Greer opportunity to solve the problem or have a meeting.

CARRIAGE POINTE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION is a controlled organization run by developers and investor. Homeowners has not power or decision in the malicious organizacion.


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