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Panther Premium Logistics

Country United States
State Ohio
City Medina
Address 84 Medina Rd
Phone 800-685-0657

Panther Premium Logistics Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2016

Panther Premium Logistics is a company to say far far away from. Company will run you out of business. You have to constantly make sure they get all your paperwork cause they have a huge problem of "losing" your stuff. You have to constantly keep calling them for next load or you will sit for days. You can book your own load(backhaul) but if you have more than 2 you have to get it approved. They will most likely approve it but they say there doing you a "favor". How is that? the only reason your booking your own load is because they dident do their job and get you a load. You have to book your own load home,because if you call backhaul all they do is send you a phone number no name or anything about the load. They take 15% no matter who books the load on your backhaul.10% if you in your first 30 days. You go through orientation and sign their contract witch i thought was binding but to find out that they changed the contract without you knowing.

for instance Husband was asking why he dident recieve all of the reimbursment for the toll? In Panthers contract says they pay 100% they said they changed it they calculate the tolls into the rate of pay and if it is more than that then oh well you have to pay. Their calculations are wrong way wrong!!! He also asked them where is my detention pay? their responce was oh we bill the customer but if they dont want to pay it you dont get it...Really!!! Contract says you will get 100% of detention pay. Many panther drivers do not have enough money for food out on the road. You have to beg for an advance because Panther does not give advances. If you get one your one lucky s****.>

It is a constant fight for work and pay on top of all the stress of being out on the road.They do not make it easy for you at all. The right hand dont know what the left hand is doing. You try to talk to them and they completely ignore you and start talking to other people around them in the office. Yes Jeanie in contract relations im talking about you!! The care nothing about the driver. I just think of it is being on call 24-7 they might call you a couple of times a week. It will take at least 40 min if your not under a load for someone to pick up the phone. When they do they dont want to talk to you and are rude. When you get rude back your unperfessionsal. When you cuse them out your threatening They will never own up to their mistakes and it is always Im sorry it will be on next check... Never once have they said Im am so sorry let me get to the bottome of this so this wont happen again. Never! They act stupid when it comes to you but on top when it come to their money. They love drama. you have to stay in Ohio Kentucky, MI triangle to even get aload if you get a load to somewhere else be prepared to sit or book your own load back into their service area. I also dont know where Global comes from.they say their global. They Will say or do anything to get you off the phone. If you like drama, stress,no pay this company will be perfect for you. Oh rumor has it they got 200 calls this week from other companies doing employment verifacations! Drivers have had enough. Panther Premium Logistics you should be ashamed of your selves. I dont know how you go to bed everynight knowing how many drivers lives you have screwed up! Off to a GOOD YEAR Panther good job pat yourself on the back!!!

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