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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Dec 1, 2015

I purchased 8 items on line from what is scribed on the

is companys website as a genuine Pandora seller. The items arrived many weeks after ordering them. I am in the uk as I thought this company are, however, the items were packaged and sent from China which I did not know about until I received the dodgey items in the post. The items are not genuine, they are not hall marked. Some are missing jewels, some are tarnished, dull light and poor quality. I received items I did not order and the words Pandora are either blacked out or missing. One item is so fake, the "silver" is actually green in colour. There is no contact information on their website to call them or contact them. I have emailed them through their contact area however, I doubt I will get my response at all. Please pass on the word not to buy from this fake site. If Anne knows how I can get my money back please advise.

  • Nov 26, 2015

I ordered some Pandora charms off the website after emailing them and being assured it was genuine Pandora. I placed an order for £80 which they took straight from my account plus more. After I placed the order I received confirmation that the items I ordered would be delivered within 10-15 daY's. After waiting almost a month and me sending numerous emails to them and them not responding I finally received my parcel 5 weeks later. I was truly upset and shocked when I opened it to find that what I ordered is not what they sent. In fact it was complete tat. Not a single thing was Pandora. Not one. Not one of them was what I ordered either. I ordered a Minnie mouse charm... They sent me a broken motorbike. I also ordered a safety chain for my bracelet ... They sent me a horse charm. I truly am gutted. I have requested yet again another refund and have had no response again surprising. I'm so upset as they guaranteed me it was real. Now I don't know what to do. I can't believe how much of a scam this is after they promised me it was real. I feel so stupid.

  • Nov 26, 2015

I put an order in through for a bracelet and two Disney charms was going to be a gift for my daughter for christmas.Spent £65 on items. I never received a receipt email then when I emailed to see when items would arrive I need for a reply. One month after ordering items arrived in a battered box. Bracelet was cheap rubbish and two broken charms that weren't what I had ordered.I am devastated and can not get any response via email and can not find any other contact details. I hope other people don't fall for this rip off like I have.

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