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Palm Coast Development

Country United States
State Florida
City Vero Beach
Address 505 Beachland Blvd 2nd Floor
Phone 772-794-9105

Palm Coast Development Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2018

For nearly two months we tried to work on getting a contract with this builder to build a custom home for us. He represented himself as an honest business man only for us to find out that he has been sued by at least 8 parties - one man even went to the supreme court and spent a million dollars in legal fees. The owner of this business Bob McNally is extremely dishonest, constantly lied, slow plays the entire building process and will say or do anything. He is a master of deception. Would tell you one day one thing and then say something completely different the next day. COMUS Vs. Treasure Coast, Robert & Linda da Costa vs Treasure coast, Orchid Island Golf & Beach Assoc vs Palm Coast, Michnal versus palm coast dev. (and yes he has so many company names it is hard to find info out)

After two months of total nonsense and him lying to us about how long and how much our project would cost we terminated all activities with him as he could not get a simple contract together with how long it would take and how much it would cost.

He conned us into giving him almost $140,000 then he did nothing - told us if we did not get him the money it would delay our project further so we agreed thinking he was reputable. Big mistake. When we asked for a refund he refused to give us our money back - Now we are tangled up with lawyers trying to get our money back. This guy should be a used car salesman that is his true calling. Has no moral conscience - acted so charming. i read another review on angies list someone had all the same problems as did Michael in the above lawsuit - this guy has been playing these games for a LONG time.

We then did a lot of research and even people who said he built a good house said if he tells you 6 months expect for 12 months and many homeowners also said he has cash flow problems and does not pay his sub-contractors. There are many other reputable builders in town like IRPM or Brown Dog Construction - do yourself a favor and do not call this one.

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