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Padgett’s Performance Marine

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Upton
Address 13569 S Dixie Hwy
Phone (270) 219-2628

Padgett’s Performance Marine Reviews

  • Dec 29, 2017

E-Bay seller described a boat and trailer as in "Excellent condition!", "Runs out awesome!", "features a nice stereo system", "Top speed of 61 MPH", "0-30 in 3.2 seconds", and "Will pull a tube great". He also said the item was sold "As-Is".

I had no reason to not believe his honesty in describing what was included with this boat being "As-Is". He insisted that he would only accept payment in cash or gby direct wire from my bank to his. What I got for $7,612 plus a $149 "documentation fee" was a boat wuth a hole in the bottom, seaweed throughout the inside, an engine with water in the crankcase, the bilge pump, no drain plugs, and the stereo and engine blower fan all not working. The boarding ladder was missing and the holes where it was formerly mounted went all the way through the hull and so water would go through. The estimate for repairs was $5,574.98.

Then he had the gall to try to blame all that damage on me or my shipper.

Finally he failed to deliver the title, documentation or registration for the trailer.

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