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P2 Property Management

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Saukville
Address 524 Technology Way
Phone 262 377 7259

P2 Property Management Reviews

  • Oct 11, 2020

The current building I live in was built in 1960. There’s lead paint under the current paint, and there is highly likely asbestos in the drywall and joint compound. In this May, the upstairs leaked water to my bathroom, and the maintenance guys sent by the manager cut (sawed) open the ceiling including the drywall, old joint compound and old paint. They screwed new drywall and let that exposed for a day. The next day one of them came again to put new joint compound, sand that (maybe also the area without new joint compound around it), and put new paint.

Both days there were quite some dust. I also have a child who is particularly vulnerable to lead and asbestos poisoning, but no one warned us of the danger of the maintenance project. No one told us to even be careful, and I myself entered the bathroom both days to clean the dust. There were also cracks on the bathroom ceiling and wall which was only fixed a couple of days ago, after I myself realized the potential danger and requested urgent repair. All of those continuously exposed us to asbestos and lead. I called and texted the manager but she only reluctantly told me the building was built before 1978.

The building had a lot of renovation and maintenance through the summer and till now. I saw large pile of potentially hazardous materials under the building a couple of days ago as well. And during the summer the building seemed to change several managers.

After I requested to break the lease, the landlord's representative called me and said "it is just a small piece, it's done and that's it." and said "we gave you disclosure of lead." But should disclosure justify additional exposure due to the careless management and work? She also claimed there was no joint compound, while I know that there was a layer of old joint compound on the old drywall. Also, she bullied me with long legal documents full of legal terms, asking me to not report, complain, or even mention this to anyone, in exchange for "allow you to break the lease". Shouldn't it be the landlord's responsibility in such a case to help us find new place and reduce further exposure to asbestos and lead?

Regardless of whether the company had lead or asbestos licenses when doing such work (I think it didn't), the procedure of the work didn't follow the proper protocol either for handling lead or for handling asbestos: There was no protection gears for the workers, there was no water sprayed, there was no negative pressure or HEPA vaccuum or filter, and there was no thorough cleaning afterwards.

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