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Owlet Baby Care

Country United States
State Utah
City Lehi
Address 2500 Executive PKWY Suite 500
Phone (801) 901-4303

Owlet Baby Care Reviews

  • Apr 6, 2020

I purchased an Owlet baby monitor but when it came time to use the product, I learned that the app did not work and I was not able to use the product AT ALL. I received no notification that this was an ongoing issue. I contacted customer support and they said that they were working on an update (as in they knew it was a problem and didn't bother to tell me that I would be bringing my baby back to a broken baby monitor) that would be released, hopefully, in a few weeks and until then there was NOTHING they could do.

This is unacceptable when it comes to services provided for a normal child, but my newborn son has been released from NICU after a life saving surgery and "a few weeks" of being unable to monitor him is not an option. We are living in the middle of a pandemic and because of his surgery, my son is high risk for Covid so I'm completely isolated and am I'm not able to just run to the store and get a new camera. And due to the Coronavirus, shipments are significant delayed.

This is a HORRIBLE situation and Owlet refuses to take any responsibility and claims because I bought their product through a third party that they will not refund me the cost of the product or pay for the cost of the camera I needed to purchase to replace the broken one they are selling. I'm out hundreds of dollars and even more stressed as a new mom with a sick child than I need to be. Shame on you Owlet!

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