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Outlaw Hobbies

Country United States
State Alabama

Outlaw Hobbies Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2020

Ken R. is a Canadian man from Vancouver, Canada who is the owner of Outlaw Hobbies website and eBay account under the username outlaw_hobbies that sold fake autographs of Stana Katic and cast signed photo with Nathan Fillion to Castle fans during the heyday of the show every weeks for many years. No one question the authenticity of their autographs. I tell you now they are forgeries. People need to use their brains. The show was filmed in Los Angeles not in Canada.

How was he able to get some many? Ask any RACC Los Angeles trusted sellers and they will tell you Stana usual sign one per person and she asked for the person name before she signed it. The sad part is the customers no longer be able to get their money back from eBay since it’s been over 6 months. But the seller can still face criminal charges if the victims file a police report with your local law enforcement or FBI.

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