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Original Defense

Country United States
State Delaware
City Dover
Address 73 Greentree Drive, 60
Phone 800-756-7530

Original Defense Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2020

My wife wanted one of this company's "Original Defense" sirens to have with her as added security. I went on to their website and looked into the product. I ordered two of them with free shipping. The next couple of pages offered "additonal units" at a "special price. I declined the offers, then clicked on the "place your order" button. I wondered why there wasn't a review page before the "place your order" button, then I found out.

The two items at their "50% off" price of $19.95 should have been 39.90 with free shipping. The confirmation said I had been charged $87.14. What? I immediately called their customer service number and got a recording that I had reached them after hours and to call back during regular hours. I then sent an email to their customer service center explaining that I had been charged for 2 additional items and shipping. I received a reply the next day saying the order had been shipped and the only way to cancel an order would have been to call their toll-free number--which I had done and gotten a recording!

The company said I could return the two unordered items at my expense and would be charged a 25% restocking fee. And I would not be refunded the original shipping charge. So I had been charged for two items I had not ordered, charged for "free" shipping and now would pay a restocking fee for their dishonesty. I called my credit card company the morning after the order had been placed and filed a dispute with them, explaining what I considered a rip off and unethical way of doing business. Thank God USAA is so good to their members--unlike the Original Defense crooks, they honored the dispute and made it right.

DO NOT do business with these guys. They are just dishonest and unhelpful.

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