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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation

Country Canada
City Toronto, Ontario
Phone 1-855-978-7529

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Reviews

  • Jun 25, 2021

OLG online is using their fine print terms & conditions as a way to dupe new online customers. They say, hey, we'll give you $20 free casino money when you make your first deposit. You are not interested in casino games, only lottery, but think, what is the harm? BEWARE. What they do not tell you is they TAKE FROM YOUR CASH ACCOUNT FIRST instead of taking from your "bonus" casino account. They are protected legally by their weasel protocols.

If they were honest with the customer's best interst at heart, they would make it CLEAR, or take from casino account first. But deception and taking your money is what it is all about with them. Sure, they can do this, but they have lost my trust and respect. Their casino games are lame, anyway. And I have $20 left in my account INTENDED for lottery that I find is now useless, since they already looted my account for the so-called free $20 casino play. Nothing is free with these people. And you will find some very odd and invasive personal questions when you sign up.

This CO needs honest and objective watchers because this deceptive trend will only get worse. OLG online believes they can get away with this kind of behaviour-that their terms & conditions protect them legally, but honest people know what is happening here. DO NOT TRUST OLG online. Buy your tickets elsewhere. Your money, personal information and good nature is at risk.

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