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OnSong, LLC.

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Grantham
Address P.O. Box 346,

OnSong, LLC. Reviews

  • Sep 14, 2020

I purchased OnSong, and I purchased the additional "Console" app, which connects the iPad app to the laptop. Problem was, it would NOT connect. I contacted OnSong support many many many times about this (all the while my product was not working). I was ignored by OnSong support! When they eventually respoded to my issue, they directed me to wipe the network settings on my iPad. This made my iPad totally useless, and impossible to repair.

I had to return the iPad. I see many postitive reviews for OnSong on the Internet, but ZERO negative reviews. I need to be a responsible consumer and report not only a strong complaint about their product not working, but also their incompetent (possibly malicious) support. I wish to make sure OnSong management knows what happened, and wish to warn other consumers.

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