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OneMain Solutions

Country United States
State Texas
City Fort Worth
Address PO Box 2548
Phone 1-800-307-0048

OneMain Solutions Reviews

  • Jan 8, 2021

In April 2019, my husband financed a travel trailer, with One Main Financial, for us to live in. Once he retired the end of that year, we planned to travel. Unfortunately in August 2019 he could no longer work, due to a severe rotator cuff injury. When he took the loan, they forced him to purchase life insurance, disability insurance and unemployment insurances, which total $70.00 a month in payments. After the failed surgery, he has limited use of his dominant arm. He applied for social security disability and got it.

One Main Solutions, the insurance company, has been extremely difficult to deal with. No one signs the letters or will give you their name when calling. They just keep saying 'This is one main solutions'. They have repeatedly refused to pay, stating that social security didn’t disable him because of the rotator cuff (we had to get a letter stating they did). They claimed the SS Drs that examined him weren’t ‘real doctors! We have threatened legal action. Looking at the agreement my husband signed, and speaking to a woman at the finance company, the Solutions is responsible for paying the loan to the end because he has been deemed permanently disabled per social security.

As it stands right now, this is January 2021 and they finally paid the payments til February. They sent him a notice they’ll pay til October 2021, then they want a doctors letter stating he’s ‘still disabled’ and documentation he’s not working. They’re the stupidest bunch he’s ever come across. My husband argued with them and even sent them a copy of THEIR agreement that shows they’ll pay if he’s disabled. We would NEVER EVER recommend this company!

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