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OnDeck Capital

Country United States
State New York
City New York
Address 1400 Broadway
Phone (888) 269-4246

OnDeck Capital Reviews

  • Aug 3, 2020


This business loan company, OnDeck, headed by people like Mike Skiba, Jordan Gaskill, Justin Ethier, are working with brokers such as Daniel DiCervo of, to illegally and unethically during the global CoronaVirus pandemic, price-gouge, price-fix, obtain personal and professional credit information/financial information, falsely advertise, fraudulently induce, breach contracts, engage in deceptive business practices, outright lie/cheat/steal, engage in illegal usury in lending practices, loan-sharking, engage in organized crime, racial/religious discrimination in lending practices (offering higher interest loans sometimes 60% APR to certain ethnic/religious minorities), and otherwise behave in a cold-blooded, ruthless, immoral, cold-hearted, criminal and illegal manner by first approving loan applications, making you sign unilateral contracts, then disavowing those contracts, in order to get other borrowers to accept terms that no one in the universe would accept under such circumstances.

If you protest and complain, they try and gaslight you by calling you (avoid their phone calls) to try and get you to yell so they can claim "harassment" or "threatening" to shut your complaints down.

They are just as bad as Craig Siegel of King Capital NYC and Jake Winograd of Unique Funding Solutions LLC who are, during the worst global pandemic of CoronaVirus in human history, are illegally price-gouging, extorting, harassing, threatening and blackmailing desperate small businesses all around New York City and the United States, and possibly committing identity theft with surreptitiously obtained bank statements/social security numbers/private financial business information, throughout the entire process, when they falsely claim/state to borrowers that they have been "approved" for a small business loan at extremely high payback/interest rates, have them sign a "contract," but then pull the rug out from under these small business owners and/or materially alter the deal afterwards, changing the requirements, demanding more documents or "financials," even after official "approval," in order to get the best profits for them and their lending businesses.

When the hapless borrower/small business owner professionally and/or politely complains about this type of unethical/illegal business conduct/behavior, and/or notifies federal law enforcement, these 2 then begin a false tirade that the desperate small business owner/borrower is somehow "harassing" or "threatening" them.

This type of "gaslighting" is designed explicitly and specifically to dissuade the aggrieved small business owner/borrower from either legitimately suing them, or complaining about their criminal behavior to law enforcement.

Then there is this lying, dishonest, criminal, fraudulent, thieving son of a b***h "Daniel DiCervo" of a probably false and fraudulent and fictional "financial services company" named "" which apparently has no real presence on the internet (first red flag/warning sign) which sends unsolicited emails to people promising that they can get you quick small business loan funding/finance for your distressed business during these severely troubled times due to the CoronaVirus pandemic.

This b*****d then solicits and obtains from you, in your desperation, 6 months worth of bank statements, several years of tax returns, all of your personal/confidential/private identity information, including voided checks, driver license copies, social security number information, etc, all the while lying to you openly that he has "received approval on your requested loan.”

These false promises/statements make you feel safe and comfortable while you keep giving him more information (and time) for him to do whatever he wants to do with your information (perhaps even identity theft).

This as*hole also apparently applies for loans, in your name, without even telling you.

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