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Oladipo Dealership

Country United States
State Kansas
City Manhattan
Address 917 N 3rd St
Phone (785) 341-9242

Oladipo Dealership Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2019

I’m a single mom from Arizona but moved to Manhattan in September 2017! I just had a baby in February, and I have a five-year-old boy! We were involved in the flood last year and were displaced entirely we were able to keep the clothes on my back Lets say last year was the worst year of our life. Not only did we lose our home and everything we own, we got screwed over by a local Manhattan business.

I bought my car in March of 2018 from a dealer. I paid cash for the car $3000 money to be exact. I have yet to receive my title for my car. It is now nearly a year and a half later and no title. So without a title, I cannot register my car, and without my car getting registered, my insurance company won't pay me out for my totaled car.

So, I called the state dealers and licensing department and made a complaint about Oladipo Dealership back in August 2018 the state informed he (Oladipo) that he must pay me a refund for my car. This was again a week before the flood. He told me he would be giving me the refund on 9/7. Well, 9/7 hit and he informed me he would not be issuing me a refund because he doesn’t have the funds.

How does a business owner not have emergency funds for issues like this?! So because of that, I had to get the state Attorney General Office involved. That was in November 2018, and they still have not been able to get the Owner of the dealership to refund the money or respond to their letters. I am writing to you in hopes that you can help me get the word out about this man.

So that others do not get hurt the way that he has hurt me. This is a working town and a college town, so there are going to be other young adults that go to look for a reasonable vehicle and are going to get screwed over.

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