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Nur Ul Islam Academy

Country United States
State Florida
City Cooper City,
Address 10600 SW 59th St
Phone 1 954-434-3288

Nur Ul Islam Academy Reviews

  • Jan 30, 2020

The Nur-Ul-Islam Academy has become a disappointment for the local community. The school administrators are full of lies and deceit. Kem Hussain allowed his relative Tariq Ahmad free rein over the high school. Several female students were hurt and currently seeking medical treatment. Parents have sued the school for abuses committed by these individuals (Doe v. Nur-Ul-Islam Academy). Hussain continues to utilize school funds to purchase expensive suits and maintain a luxurious lifestyle while our students suffer. He has failed to tenure his resignation after his dereliction of duties.

Mr. Hussain's lieutenant, Ayesha Hack is the accounts manager. Ms. Hack has charged parents hundreds of dollars in admission and registration fees. When parents' children were not accepted in the Academy, she has failed to refund the money. Ayesha continues to make special deals with some parents and charge higher tuition while Guyanese get free. Woe to the Mutafifeen!

Their Nur-Ul-Islam Committee has used Mosque donations to support Tariq Ahmad's family in the Academy. The committee only assist Guyanese while other people's children are denied access. The Principal, Radwan has also assisted Middle Easterners with special discounts while excluding poor parents and poor teachers who cannot afford the exorbitant tuition.

Radwan Baytiyeh is making the school solely for rich Middle Easterners who donate money to him. He lacks cultural sensitivity for Caribbean students and other cultures. He has fired good teachers to hire A- Robs. Mr. Baytiyeh would be better of serving his ummah arabiyah. When you see an evil change it with your hands, if not with your tongue, if not, hate it with your heart. That is the least of faith (Prophet PBUH).

We are commanded to enjoin the right and forbid the wrong and believe in God (Quran). PARENTS BEWARE!!!

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