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Country United States
State Florida
City Clearwater
Address 1940 Rainbow Drive
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  • Jan 12, 2021

Robert Cefail

So the ultimate Florida pitch man strikes again and gains an easy $250,000 from innocent consumers of his pitch. He claims to have a relationship with celebrity pitch pros and in our case Kevin Harrington. 50 participants already reserved “Ad Slots” for $2000 each, then fly to Florida for an additional pitch of $1500 per slot based on the “incredible” potential of the puppet celebrity. Screwed out of $5,000 dollars for a dozen leads that did not have correct email addresses or coboxmplete phone numbers, I called fraud on the $1,500 dollar credit card charge they never notified or invoiced me on in November of 2020. They challenged it based on “an existing business relationship” and got another $1,500.

Classic fraud hiding behind a PO Box The CSHOP PO box 2156, Dunedin FLORIDA 34697 and a contact named “Toli”. The CSHOP is [email protected] 1940 Rainbow Drive Clearwater Florida 33765-3563. Just a house! Robert Cefail is a total failure of claimed delivery. Buyer beware!

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