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NueVision ICS

Country United States
State Georgia
City Atlanta
Address 6700 Roswell Rd 21-g
Phone 404-600-4821

NueVision ICS Reviews

  • Jul 30, 2015

STORY WRITTEN BY SOMEONE WHO MADE IT THROUGH SHODELS MANAGMENT TRAINING PROGRAM !!! My story in regards to shodel waites also known as shomax, and NueVisionIcs. I started working for shodel in Modesto CA, selling directv in costco locations. While working in Modesto i was clearly a top employee for shodel. Being a top employee means you have the opportunity to go on road trips all over the country with the chance to take over a costco location and run your own office selling directv in that location. I went on road trips all over California being told that I would be taking over these location, such as eureka ca, and rancho Cordova ca. OF COURSE THAT NEVER HAPPEND. shodel promises employees advancements if they go on road trips, road trips have zero meaning in promotion, SHODEL likes to promote road trips by saying the company pays for it. All the company truly pays for is the hotel, and if your lucky the gas money, you are required to pay for all your meals. Once The door got shut on taking over the Eureka ca and rancho Cordova location another opportunity arrived. Shodel was moving to Portland org to start a new office, I was offered to relocate with him with the promise of taking over a location in Portland. I moved to Portland and out performed everyone. Once it was time for promotion Shodel backed out of what he told me about taking over the Portland location due to him wanting the location to make a bigger immediate profit for him self. In order for my self to get promoted to the management level I once again had to relocate. So moving from Modesto to Portland, and now to Southern ca, the way this business works is the promoting owner pays for everything in the relocation process such as setting you up with a living area and a office space. Shodel was of course to greedy and cheap to do so even though every other owner in the country sets there guys up for success, that's not how shodel works, I had to pay for everything my self. Once arriving in Southern Ca I had to stay week to week in various hotels due to not being able to get a place to live with out the help of my promoting owner (shodel) What you will get while working with shodel is a bunch of lies and deception this man has zero integrity. let's talk about how he pays his employees. Every directv install brings in $233 to SHODELS bank account, a employee must make 3 installs a week before ever getting paid for there installs, there for you get paid on your 4th install on the week. (They call this the mcsl) Now a employee gets 140$ on that 4th install and on, so you do the math, shodel pockets $233 times 3 installs. Then if you manage to make it to 4 installs and on shodel pockets over $100 per install you make. Every payday you must check your own installs to insure shodel didn't pocket more of your money then he already should have. Now that you have a understanding how the pay works.... The way shodel got people to relocate from Modesto to Portland was promising there wouldnt be a MCSL. This means every install we would do we would get paid on, of course this was just another lie to get people to move with him. Another little fact about the owner of nueclientvisionics/shomax (shodel waites) he's constantly hiring girls with the full intention of trying to hook up with them, I can name several off the top of my head, (Brittany, Brooke, Natalie, boki, another Brittany, and the list goes on and on) stay far away from Natalie, she's the grimiest woman there is. If your a female employee working for shodel he will try to f**k you, and if your a male working for shodel he will just straight up f**k you over. I strongly advise you stay clear of shodel waites and NueVisionIcs The lack of integrity this man has astonishes me.

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