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NUC Sports

Country United States
State South Carolina
City Myrtle Beach
Phone 212.549.9115

NUC Sports Reviews

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  • Jun 29, 2016

Avoid NUC Camps

We drove over nine hours to this camp believing that my son would be ranked and receive some exposure. The venue was a rundown indoor field about a third the size of a football field with low ceiling. The "camp director" reduced the time of the camp to two hours due to lack of attendance. His assistant didn't know much about position coaching (I've coached football for many years). At the end, the kids were dismissed without any kind of assessment. Then came the emails praising my son's abilities and invitations to additional camps for way more money. Based on what I read here, that won't be happening...ever. This camp prays on the hopes and dreams of your child. Their overstated offerings are borderline robbery.

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  • Jul 10, 2016


DO NOT ATTEND NUC CAMPS!!! They are a rip off. Poorly run camps/combines and absolutely zero colleges are represented at their events. My son won best wide receiver at a regional combine in New London CT and was "invited" to ultimate 100 combine in Delaware, which was changed to an obscure park in NJ days before the event. NUC claimed that division 1 colleges would be at the event such as UConn, Temple and Michigan. Not one college was there and the event is not truly an "invite" only but is actually open to anyone willing to pay the fee. Also their combine registration process is a complete scam. The way they have it set up online you can very easily assume they you HAVE to purchase the NUC gear as part of the registration. Fortunately I didn't fall for that but I met a few parents at the 2 events we attended that did fall for it and ended up spending anywhere from $50-$100 extra to get unnecessary NUC shirts, shorts, etc. NO COLLEGES OR COACHES ATTEND NUC EVENTS!! None!!! It was especially evident that they are a low class organization when I observed the weigh in process at both events my son attended. The scales they used at both were cheap "Walmart" type of scales and at the ultimate 200 event the piece of crap scale they had didn't even work so no "official" weights were even taken. I normally don't write reviews like this but this shady organization is such a rip off I felt like I had to let people know that they should ignore and delete any and all emails you receive from NUC!!!!

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  • May 24, 2016


Players that receive awards at the end of the showcase are picked before it even starts. I watched the whole showcase and the so called MVP was half speed most of the time and not very agile. He was HUGE yes, but not worthy of MVP. Also, we ordered a shirt a couple weeks before showcase and still haven't gotten it, been a few months now. My account was charged for the shirt. I've called numbers, sent emails and all I get is the run-around. This organization is a joke. I would advise anyone to not deal with NUC.

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  • Apr 30, 2016

My son participated in a NUC Combine it Pittsburgh, PA the Spring of 2014. Later that year he received an invitation to attend the MVP Camp in Cincinnati, OH scheduled mid-summer 2014. We attended that combine as well. Then he got an email saying that he had been selected to participate in the All-Star Week and be in the North versus South Game right after Christmas that 2014. I enrolled him in the week long event in Atlanta, GA and paid in full, over $500 to attend the showcase. A couple weeks before the event we received notification from the High School Coaching staff of my son that due to OHSAA guidelines if he particpated in the event then he would suffer a two game suspension his upcoming 2015/2016 football season. For this reason we cancelled his enrollment and asked if the funds I had prepaid could be held as credit for upcoming combines (which were not against OHSAA guidelines providing he did not play 7on7 or do full contact drills). I was advised by a member of the staff via email that my credit would indeed be held for future combines.

We attempted to enroll my son in another combine in 2015 and once again was advised by the coaching staff that the combine needed to be listed as an approved camp by the OHSAA or my son could face potential game suspensions. I once again cancelled my son's enrollment to that combine until I could look into this further. All the while I was being reassured by a member of the NUC Sports staff that the combine was legit and safe and that they would continue to hold my credit. My son injured his knee in October of 2015 and after undergoing ACL surgery and rehabilitation I asked to enroll my son and nephew in a nearby combine (trying to use up this $500+ credit) and per David Schuman's email I was all set up and just needed to show up with my son and nephew the day of the combine. The combine was supposed to be this weekend, May 1, 2016. Just days later I received another email staing very bluntly that my credit had expired.

I have sent two emails requesting disclosure information regarding my credit expiring, since I had never been given and expiration date, and my requests are being ignored. At this point this organization has gotten away with my "non-refundable" money and will not even honor the use of it for future combines. I have all of the emails and have sent them over asking why I was never told I had to use my credit by a certain date and the fact that I cannot even get a response is inexcusable.

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  • Jan 6, 2016

I tried this camp out strictly for the exposure and To be very disappointed at the end. And the All American Game is also a joke they tell you after you get there that the game dont get you any exposure. But when I questioned about the exposure the camp was supposed to prove i never got a reply back about it. But when i email about have a player attend a event my emails was returned rapidly. He is the exact email the i sent to Mr. Dave Schuman two different times but never received a reply back on them. Hey just a few questions my son Demario Brisbon has gone to three of your camp. Two in Atlanta in which one was the ultimate he did good. Then got invited back to Atlanta for the next event and he won MVP for receiver. Then he got invited to College Station,Tx for the Top Elite camp in which there he also Won MVP again for receiver for that camp Now he is playing in the All American game. With other games that you has invited him to. With that all being said where is the exposure coming from cause i see that you advertise different sites like, 247sports, and ESPNU. But when we go to these sites there is no where he is to be mentioned on none them but rivals because we went to one of there combine. We have enjoyed the experience that your camp has provided. But at the end of the day i have spent alot of time and money for the soul fect of the exposure. So if you dont mind please help me with this concern. Like said i never gotten a reply back on this email. Im guessing because i question the use of the camp

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  • Jul 8, 2020

A complete WASTE

I attended this camp back in 2012 going into my senior year. Camp had a nice turnout as it was in the capital of VA. This camp does 0 to help you with exposure.

College coaches are not allowed BY NCAA RULES to attend paid combines. This site uses "prior attendees" who are current NFL stars as a major selling point. What they do not mention is those same stars went to many other camps.. RIvals, Nike SPARQ etc etc. Those camps have college coaches in attendance. I was invited all the way to the final game in Oklahoma but declined to attend.. The second camp was in Delaware and was in a park basically; again no college coaches. These people should be sued for false advertising. Nonetheless I got a full ride but it was not with the help of this camp..please don't waste your money.

  • Mar 10, 2020

Most amazing Camp

After seeing all these bad reviews I felt it was my duty to debunk these nonsense reviews. This camp first of all has some of the best coaches I have ever been around. I was at the Dallas Texas Camp this past weekend and found coach Johnson to be exceptional. His coaches not only understood their position they coaches but took the time to help my son get better.

  • Jan 3, 2019

Terrible Experience

We signed my son up to play in the All American game in Daytona Beach just this past week. 6 days before the event the "host hotel" changed as did the venue. I had my hotel reservations since June so how did the hotel change last minute unless it wasn't ever really set up. The practices were extremely disorganized and my son said it was a joke. After giving us a "story about the change in venue and hotel we were also told 46 kids cancelled in the last week so instead of having a game for each grade as advertised, they were combining the 10th and 11th grades into one game. We were told there would be a MAX of 4 Quarterbacks per team and we ended up having 8 so as you can imagine they didn't get much play time. My son and several others got to play 1 possession while the coaches son played 3. Yep...daddy ball at it's best here and our coach got a penalty for his trash talking during the game (what a great role model). So after spending about $2000 on hotel and airfare, I kindly emailed Dave Schuman and asked for a refund of the game fee and the QB Challenge fee which was not a challenge but 3.5 hours of drills. I was rudely told " no refund" and there was no apologies or anything regarding my disappointment in this game. we were told over 300 college coaches would be watching the game well I doubt it but even so with my son playing 1 possession I am not sure what good that is. I feel this is a scam and I would tell everyone to stay away from this organization. Read all reviews as you can clearly see a pattern of disorganization, changing of venues last minute and rude and unprofessional behavior. My son also went to an NUC Combine last May and only 10 kids showed up. It was a joke and YES they weighed the kids an crappy Walmart home scales. This is a FACT!!! BEWARE!!!!!!

  • Mar 23, 2018

I took my son to this camp last summer 5 hours from home. We paid over $70 for a camp t-shirt & shorts more than a month before the camp- fully expecting to receive the items the day of the camp. At the camp we realized the attendance wasn't great. In fact, there were only 2 boys total at my son's position, and the 2nd participant left about an hour into the camp. The instructors seemed to be not very knowledgeable and not happy to be there. At the check-in we were told that our shirt & shorts would arrive in the mail. We NEVER got it. Still to this day we have not received the items OR a refund!! I have emailed probably 20 times asking where our refund is, but nothing has happened. This camp is a JOKE, and they are STEALING people's money!! DO NOT ATTEND!!

  • May 16, 2017

We signed our son up for the 2017 NUC Northern California Combine. Our dealings with Mr. Schuman and/or his staff was 100% unprofessional and one-sided. Specifically, he has NO means of getting in contact with him or his staff via telephone, rather he's restricted communication to email ONLY and in 90-95% of our efforts the emails were NOT responded to by himself or his staff, irrespective of the subject matter. Although he discloses contact numbers in his email when you call them they simply instruct you to make contact via email. Mr. Schuman rescheduled the Combine less than 48 hours before it was occur and then the following week canceled the Combine (as another customer mentions in 2013) roughly 24 hours before it was to occur. Oddly, we had NO qualms getting a email response AND a reliable telephone contact from one of the coaches associated with this program while the owner has made himself virtually untouchable, yet has no problem with taking your money. Lastly, although he provided the cancelation email 2 days ago, he and his staff have taken their sweet time processing the refund. We have dealt with a Football University camp and they exemplify what professionalism is really about, they are readily accessible and diligent in their assistance and communication. We strongly urge Mr. Schuman to engage with Football University & perhaps learn how to professionally run a business, particularly considering the money being made off of these events. It's 2017, wake up Schuman!!!

  • May 11, 2017

First off the coaches were unfriendly,unapproachable,and uneducated the scales they used at weigh in were bathroom scales they timed courses with there cell phones. They gave my son a shirt that was two sizes to big. The position drills they ran were worthless useless and a waste of time. I have called their office over two dozen times never getting a response.I have emailed them several times and have not gotten a response i ordered clothes thinking my son needed them to participate and to this day have still not received them even though camp is over. Do not i say do not sign your child up for any of there camps you will be dissapointed.

  • May 26, 2016

My son was invited to the NUC Three Kings competion in Los Angeles on May21st and 22nd of 2016. His hopes were high and through their advertising there was going to be all kinds of scouts at this camp along with some prestigious coaches. The camp was origionally set for Laguna Hills High School. On May 19th (Thursday) evening my son got an email that the camp was being moved to Lynwood High School (next to Compton and Watts). So our reservation to for our hotel couldn't be cancelled due to our check in was under 24 hours and we would still be charged for the room So I was a little upset due to the hour drive from hotel to competition.

We arrive the on the 21st to see that there are only 2 people from NUC represented. The aathletes are run through some drills and then after 4 hours are let go, so we drive another hour back to the hotel. They told the athletes that Adidas, Battle and 24/7 sports along with Rivals would be there on Sunday (22nd).

When we arrive on Sunday my son is hyped thinking that this was going to be amazing seeing all these high profile people looking at all the talent. Boy was he gravely disappointed. There is still the only 2 people from NUC and parents there. One guy is walking around with a IPad on a tripod and a gentleman that just graduated from college who they claim was signed as a free agent to the Carolina Panthers. guess we will see.

This is our third NUC cmpetition/event and at first thought maybe they are legit but this was sucha farse. They collected the money fast but they absoultely did nothing for the athletes. False advertising like something a bad used car saleman would use. No one that was stated would be there showed up, there were n coaches, no Rivals, no 24/7 and definitely no Adidas.

Please don't waste any money with this outfit thay are only in it for the money. They have only one agenda sell you a competition and then disappointment. Save your money and find a more reliable combine/camp like Nike, Underarmour that won't cost you anything. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  • Mar 28, 2016

A fraud

A waste of time and money

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